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Iraqi security personnel were ambushed by the "Islamic State" 6 dead 31 wounds

Xinhua News Agency, Baghdad, March 7 The Iraqi military said on the 7th that Iraqi people's mobilization organization security personnel were ambushed by extremist Islamic State militants in northern Iraq on the evening of the 6th, killing six security personnel and injuring 31 others.

The Joint Operation Command of Iraq said in a statement that a fleet of dozens of people mobilizing security personnel traveled to the Mahmuul area south of Mosul, Ninawa province on the evening of the 6th. Was ambushed by armed elements.

The reinforcements' security forces then rushed to the scene and began searching for militants.

The Salahuddin policeman, Colonel Mohamed Bhazi, told Xinhua that the attacked security personnel were from Tuzhuermatu, Salahuddin Province, and they were returning from Mosul by car. Tuzhuermatu City takes a vacation and carries only some light weapons.

In December 2017, Iraq announced a historic victory in the fight against the Islamic State, but there are still some extremists hiding in remote areas of Iraq, waiting for an attack.

The People's Mobilization Organization was incorporated into the Iraqi security forces in March 2018 and directly obeyed the Iraqi Ministry of Defense.

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