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US media: India and Pakistan re-fire in Kashmir, mutual bombardment of each other's military targets and villages

The news network reported on March 7 that the US media said that although India and Pakistan gradually eased diplomatic relations, the two armies broke out on March 6 and jointly bombarded each other's military near the actual control line in Kashmir. Outposts and villages.

According to the report of the Associated Press on March 6, both armies accused each other of taking the lead in launching shelling and light weapons attacks. There are currently no reports of casualties.

The report said that India-Pakistan relations have been in a state of high tension since the Indian warplanes entered the Palestinian-controlled area last week and imposed so-called pre-emptive strikes against militants.

Pakistan subsequently retaliated by shooting down two Indian aircraft and capturing a pilot. Later, Pakistan took a peaceful stance and sent the pilot back to India. The two countries also resumed the previously suspended bus and train services. This is the most serious conflict between the two sides since Pakistan sent ground troops to India-controlled Kashmir in 1999.

The report said that the current situation on the border is still tense. The latest conflict occurred in various locations along the actual control line in Kashmir. Both countries claim sovereignty over the entire Kashmir.

Both parties accused the other party of violating the 2003 ceasefire agreement and claiming that their retaliatory measures were appropriate and effective.

The report said that although the dangerous atmosphere is difficult to dissipate, there are still many residents living in rugged mountains and dense forests on both sides of the control line. Border violence has frequently occurred between the two countries. Various small-scale conflicts have caused hundreds of civilian deaths, as well as livestock and property losses.

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