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"Samba" becomes "scar"? Many people have been injured in the Brazilian Carnival

China News Service, March 7th According to the South American Overseas Chinese News Network, the Brazilian Carnival is in full swing, and millions of people have fun on the streets. However, while the samba dance was staged, many people were injured when they participated in the event. Experts remind people to pay attention to safety when attending a carnival.

It is reported that according to Riotur, about 1.5 million revelers participated in the carnival street parade in Rio de Janeiro on the 4th. Conducted by singer Ludmila and Rio's largest parade, Fervo da Lud, attracted 1.2 million revelers.

But in the carnival, there was a violent incident that led to massive chaos, and at least 229 people were treated at medical centers and hospitals. The police used tear gas to evacuate the people and asked the carnival team to stop playing music. Despite this, the battle between the revelers continued, one person was arrested and three policemen were injured.

Riotur said that two medical sites in the central district received 217 revelers, most of whom had wounds or were poisoned by alcohol, drugs or gas. Twelve people were sent directly to the hospital in the central area, but no one was seriously injured.

Singer Rudmila expressed regret on his social networking site. Riotur once again stressed the changes in the rules of the Rio Carnival parade this year. The street carnival team not only has to inform the military and police, but also obtain the early authorization of the military and police. Due to changes in the rules, the number of carnival teams authorized by Rio this year has been reduced from 608 last year to 498.

Experts remind people that if you want to enjoy the carnival, you must pay more attention to your personal safety and health. Claudio Tinok Mesquita, a professor and cardiologist at the Federal University of Fluminense, said that dance (such as samba) can make people's heart rate reach 90% of the maximum, which is a high intensity. motion. If you drink energy drinks or alcohol, it will put a burden on your heart and may increase the risk of arrhythmia. Therefore, he suggested that the revelers drink plenty of water during the event, control alcohol consumption, and avoid ingesting illegal drugs.

In addition, the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery reminds revelers to pay attention to protecting the spine. Since the carnival is in the summer, many people will go to rivers, ponds, waterfalls or waters on the sea. If you do not pay attention to protecting the spine, it may lead to serious consequences such as amputation and high paraplegia.

In terms of diet, the Brazilian Nutrition Association recommends that revelers have breakfast and preferably have a real lunch to avoid street greasy snacks. In addition, during the carnival, it is necessary to replenish water in time, drink less, and carry nuts, bananas, etc. that can quickly provide energy, satiety.

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