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Because of the report on the government procurement of "Gust" fighter-related documents, the Indian media is facing prosecution

This Wednesday, the Attorney General of India, KK. Venugopal, informed the Supreme Court of India that it would file a criminal suit against The Hindu, which stole and publicized the purchase 36 Government documents for gusts of war fighters.

According to Reuters reported on March 7, Attorney General Venugo Parr believes that the Hindu newspaper's actions violate India's secrecy bill. However, N. Ram, a reporter for the Hindu newspaper on gusts of procurement, said the report was entirely in the public interest.

There is nothing to worry about. Ram said that the content of our report is legal, and I am very convinced.

India has previously decided to purchase a total of $8.7 billion worth of gust fighters from the Dassault Group in France in order to upgrade its air force equipment level and replace some of the old Soviet aircraft. However, the debate on the project in India has not stopped. The opposition Congress Party believes that the Modi government has been over-expensive, and that Reliance Defence, a local Indian partner of Dassault Systèmes, has no experience in participating in such projects. Dassault's CEO told Reuters that there were no scandals in the pricing process.

In the past few weeks, as one of the most influential printing media, the Hindu newspaper has published several reports on gusts, and many cited internal government documents.

The Attorney General's Privacy Act was one of the legal legacy of the British colonial era and was never invoked after India's independence in 1947. Under the Act, offenders can face imprisonment for up to 14 years. During the British colonial period, the law was repeatedly used to prosecute journalists attacking the colonial authorities, so it was attacked by many rights groups.

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