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Apple CEO Cook: Last year, half of the employees in the US and the US did not receive a university degree.

New Beijing News News On March 6th, US local time, Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the White House Labor Policy Advisory Committee meeting: The founder of our company dropped out of school, so we always think To perform well at work, a university degree is not really necessary.

Cook revealed that Apple did not particularly value academic qualifications. About half of the new employees in the United States last year did not receive a four-year university degree. He also said that it is now possible to see a mismatch between the skills taught in the university and the skills that companies need in the future.

So what kind of talent does the company need in the future? In this regard, Cook believes that programming is an important skill. He said: We strongly believe that every child in the United States should have computer programming skills before graduating from high school, and even some children should be proficient in programming. We have completed the development of the relevant courses and have provided them to all schools in the United States, which have been adopted by 4,000 schools.

Today, programming education has received more and more attention around the world, and China has also introduced a series of related policies. In July 2017, the State Council issued a new generation of artificial intelligence development plan, clearly proposed to improve the artificial intelligence education system, set up artificial intelligence related courses in the primary and secondary schools, and gradually promote programming education.

New Beijing News reporter Feng Qiqiu 

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