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The aerodynamic index shows that the Japanese economy may experience recession

Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, March 7th According to data released by the Cabinet Office of Japan on the 7th, due to the significant decline in industrial and mining production, Japan's January consensus index fell by 2.7 to 97.9, a three-month decline.

In January, all seven indicators that formed the consensus index declined. Among them, the relatively large investment commodity delivery index, industrial and mining production index and other indicators fell significantly.

In view of the poor performance of the consensus index, the Cabinet Office's judgment on the basic situation of the Japanese economy has been reduced from the previous stagnation to showing signs of downward. Some economists have pointed out that the Japanese economy may have entered a recession.

The data released on the same day also showed that the index of the leading economy in January fell by 1.3 to 95.9, a decline for five consecutive months.

The Japanese Pneumatic Index is calculated based on economic indicators such as industrial and mining production. Among them, the consensus index reflects the current situation of the economy, and the leading index reflects the aerodynamic direction after a few months.

(This article is from Xinhuanet)

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