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Egypt and France end joint naval exercises

Xinhua News Agency, Cairo, March 7 The Egyptian military spokesman said in a statement on the 7th that the Egyptian and French navies ended the joint exercise in the Red Sea of ​​Egypt and the territorial waters of the Mediterranean.

The statement said that the Egyptian navy's northwest wind-class amphibious assault ship Anwar Sadat and Jamal Abdul-Nasser, several frigates and missile boats, and the French Navy's Thunderbolt amphibious assault ship participated The exercise. In addition to the naval forces, the special forces of the two navies also participated in the exercise.

The Egyptian military spokesman said on the 3rd that the exercise is part of the joint military exercise plan of the two countries. The two sides will use modern naval tactics to carry out the combat missions in the exercise.

In recent years, military relations between Egypt and France have continued to increase. According to Egyptian media reports, in 2015 Egypt signed a contract with France to purchase 24 French-made gust fighters. Currently, France has delivered 11 to Egypt. In addition, Egypt has purchased several naval vessels from France, including two northwest wind-class amphibious assault ships.

The Egyptian military spokesman said in a separate statement on the 7th that the Egyptian and British troops began a joint military exercise codenamed Yahmos-1 at the military base of Alexandria Muhammad Najib in northern Egypt.

The statement said that the joint military exercises include anti-terrorism training and urban operations. British personnel and equipment participating in the military exercise have arrived in Egypt's air bases and ports in the past few days.

Egypt regularly holds joint military exercises with Arab, African and Western countries to promote military cooperation and exchanges and maintain regional security and stability. In the past year or more, Egypt has held joint military exercises with the United States, Italy, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait and other countries, including the army, navy and air force and special forces.

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