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Duterte meets Mahathir

China News Agency, Manila, March 7th Philippine President Duterte met with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir, who officially visited the Philippines, at the Presidential Palace on the 7th. After the meeting, the two sides issued a joint press communique.

The communique pointed out that Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir's visit to the Philippines has strengthened the friendship between the two countries and the two peoples, showing that the two sides are partners in promoting progress and peace.

The leaders of the two countries reviewed the important progress made in bilateral relations and opened up new paths for future cooperation.

The communique pointed out that the two countries are determined to strengthen cooperation in solving security problems, especially in combating terrorism, piracy and transnational crime, including combating illegal drug trade.

The two sides talked about the broader economic cooperation and believed that this is in the common interest of ASEAN and the region.

The communique pointed out that the Philippines and Malaysia are the two engines of economic growth in Asia. Strengthening bilateral trade and investment is a necessary condition for maintaining economic development and social prosperity. Recognizing the dynamism brought about by private sector cooperation between the two countries, the two governments have agreed to further strengthen cooperation in trade, investment and infrastructure construction.

Duterte thanked the Prime Minister of Malaysia for his strong support for the Philippine Construction Special Project and mentioned the positive role played by Malaysian companies in the construction of a sustainable, smart, green metropolis in the Philippines.

The communique pointed out that the two sides also exchanged views on other issues of common concern, including promoting mutual tourism, health and education cooperation, and protecting and improving the well-being of the two peoples. The two sides reaffirmed their commitment to cooperation on regional and multilateral platforms, especially within ASEAN, to promote the rule of law in Southeast Asia and other regions.

The two sides also endorsed the international community's hopes for peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and noted the efforts of all parties concerned to make progress through dialogue.

Duterte pointed out that there are many things to look forward to when writing a new chapter in cooperation between the Philippines and Malaysia. The fate of the Philippines is in ASEAN and Asia. The fate of Asia is mastered in Asia. Malaysia is a progressive development partner of the Philippines and a brother of peace. The two sides will continue to promote the vision of greater peace, progress, prosperity and stability in the ASEAN region.

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