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Russian Foreign Ministry confirms that four US citizens were arrested in Russia

China News Service, Moscow, March 7th Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaharova said on the 7th that four US citizens were arrested in Russia, two of whom have been sentenced to deportation.

Zahalova said at a press conference in Moscow that the four US citizens were detained in Novorossiysk, Russia for violating Russian immigration laws. Law enforcement agencies are dealing with the incident and they have detailed information.

According to the Russian satellite news agency quoted a source from the US Embassy in Russia, the embassy can confirm that two Americans have been arrested. Other information cannot be provided for privacy reasons.

According to the Interfax news agency, two members of the American Mormon Church (the late Saints of Jesus Christ) were arrested in Novorossiysk on March 2. The local court ruled that they violated the border system. The two are currently in a special shelter waiting to be expelled.

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