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What did Melanan do silently in the two months that Trump kept tossing?

In the first year of 2019, Trump directed the longest government in the history of the lockout, and forced Maduro to step down. He said that he had to abandon the China-Treaty Treaty and announced the state of emergency.

This time, the US House Speaker, Pelosi, seems to be the most shining woman in the White House, and there is a feeling of having to die with Trump.

And Melania has had little exposure to her since she visited Trump's US military in the last Christmas.

What is Melania doing recently? Is she qualified as the first lady?

Valentine spent in the hospital

On Valentine's Day last week, Trump presented a big gift to the people of the United States - announcing the state of emergency and not showing Mrs. Melania.

Former US President Barack Obama will launch love to his wife Michelle every Valentine's Day. The most impressive one was that on February 14, 2016, he gave his wife a nasty love poem on the TV show.

This Valentine's Day, the American magazine New Yorker also wrote a poem for Melania for Trump, a bit ironic. The poem expresses Trump's extremely good self-feeling.

In fact, the first lady of the United States spent Valentine's Day this year in the hospital. According to the Washington Post, Melania visited the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland on the 14th to visit the hospitalized children.

She dressed up in pink for the day and made handmade candy and crafts with the kids. At the end of the event, the children wrote their favorite things on the sticky notes and posted them on the message wall. Melaniya wrote: My favorite city is Washington.

For two consecutive days on Valentine's Day, Melaniya went to visit the children of the hospital.

According to NBC, Melania went to Nicklaus Children's Hospital in Miami on the 18th to sympathize with the children and unveil the hospital's healing garden. She said: Thank you for the people who donated money to build the garden. I hope that this will bring new life to every visiting child.

Melania has long been concerned about child welfare. In May last year, she announced at the White House that she was the best sport to make children happy and healthy. She said: I strongly feel that we as adults can and should educate our children to understand the importance of health and balance of life.

According to the Guardian, Melaniya served as the Goodwill Ambassador of the American Red Cross in 2005-2009. After becoming the First Lady, she became a child-friendly charity. She went to schools and hospitals across the United States to visit children, with doctors and parents. Talk to learn about the growth of children in different environments.

In October last year, Melania also brought the best sport to Africa. When visiting the capital of Accra, Ghana, she went to a local hospital to distribute teddy bears and blankets for the children.

The White House issued a statement saying that she visited four countries during her five-day trip to Africa - Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and Egypt. She focused on hospital mother and newborn care, child education. .

Doing Trump's assists

Because the US government was in a lockout on December 22 last year, Trump, who had planned to spend a holiday with his family, had to stay in Washington to solve the government's mess.

According to Fox News, Melaniya took her son Barron to celebrate the New Year in Florida, hosted a luxurious New Year's dance at the Maalago Manor, and also took a selfie with his son on social media.

After the carnival, the first lady returned to Washington and became Trump's intimate assist.

According to the official website of the White House, the Trumps greeted the visiting Colombian couple on February 13th. Melaniya had a separate meeting with the first lady of Colombia, Maria.

Melania issued a statement on the meeting saying that last week I met with experts from the National Drug Control Policy Office to understand the harmful effects of drug abuse and the steps we took to resolve it. We must continue to raise awareness so parents and communities can fully understand the harm that opioids can do to our children. My conversation with the First Lady of Colombia today further promotes a global mission to address the addiction crisis and the problems faced by children in the country and around the world.

Melania is not only concerned with children, but also focuses on anti-drug and anti-opioid drugs. In front of the First Lady of Colombia, she showed the image of a presidential lady who cares about politics.

After Trump announced the state of emergency, Trump went to Miami, Florida on US Presidents' Day (February 18) to attend a rally to speak on the Venezuelan crisis. Melaniya also accompanied him to the event and delivered a speech.

Melania gave her husband a clear support and continued to play the role of a competent first lady.

New Beijing News reporter Chen Yihan Xie Lian 

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