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The border between these two Latin American countries is undergoing a "war."

The Venezuelan government and the opposition carried out an offensive and defensive battle for relief supplies on the border of the country. The government has blocked relief supplies abroad.

The so-called 'rescue supplies' were blocked from outside Venezuela. According to the media of the South China Television and other media reports on the 23rd, the government and the opposition parties carried out the attack and defense of relief materials on the border of the country on the same day, the army and the opposition. A violent clash with supporters killed at least seven people and injured more than 300. Some commentators said that the results of the 23rd struggle showed that the well-planned interventions such as the opposition, the United States, and Colombia have failed. President Maduro announced on the same day that he had broken diplomatic relations with Colombia. However, the United States does not seem to give up the plan to overthrow Maduro. The US President's National Security Assistant Bolton canceled his visit to South Korea to focus on the situation in Venezuela. US Secretary of State Pompeo also published a tweet saying that the United States will take action against those who oppose the restoration of democracy in Venezuela.

The 23rd is the day when the opposition leader Guaido has appointed himself as a temporary president for a month. His Twitter content shows that the opposition party, such as the People's Will Party, organized an opposition party in this area to the border between the country and Colombia. A massive escort of humanitarian relief supplies. The opposition leaders of Guaidou and other smuggling smuggled to Colombia early that day, meeting with Colombian President Duke, Chilean President Piñera, Paraguayan President Afdo, and OAS Secretary General Almagro to discuss the material admission plan . The opposition party organized more than a dozen trucks in the territory of Colombia, loaded with relief supplies and prepared to forcibly rush. Guanyid was posing on a truck, claiming to take the lead in the transit of the team. However, the Colombian NTN24 television station said that after the end of the auction, Guaido came down from the truck and went to the safe area where other presidents were located.

After arriving at the border of Colombia, the truck departing from the Colombian side failed to pass the Boundary Bridge due to the obstruction. The Colombian NTN24 television station said that the military received an order from Maduro to burn the truck to prevent its entry. The video showed that three trucks were instantly buried in the sea of ​​fire, and the people began to rob the goods on the truck. However, according to photos released by Vice President Rodriguez, the truck is still on the Colombian side of the bridge, and the army is far from it and cannot be burned.

New York Times video screenshots

The Southern TV station's live report also showed that some people on the Colombian side poured gasoline on the truck before crossing the bridge, in an attempt to burn aid materials to the government. In addition, videos broadcast on social networks show that in the towns of Cucuta, Urena, San Antonio and other towns where the brothers and the Communist Party bordered, some violent elements on the streets on the 23rd piled up garbage to cut off traffic and burned buses to demonstrate to the government. According to Agence France-Presse, the military used tear gas bombs at the border bridge, and the opposition party claimed that the border of the Colombian army caused four deaths and 285 injuries. According to Reuters, in the confrontation, three Venezuelan border defenders defected to Colombia, and they immediately became targets of opposition propaganda. The US Senator issued a tweet that afternoon, claiming that 23 veterans were on the opposition.

At the same time, the material clearance activities are also carried out in the border area of ​​Kent. On the 23rd, near noon, Guaido said on his Twitter that the trucks carrying the goods had entered Venezuela from Brazil. However, CNN subsequently rumored that the truck arrived at the border of the Pakistani border, but on the Brazilian side. Brazil's Sao Paulo newspaper reported that Venezuela's border town of Saint Elena de Vailen near Brazil also clashed on the 23rd. According to the health officials of the Commission, three people were killed and more than 10 were injured in the conflict. According to the National Report of the Communist Party of China, the local police broke out since the evening of the 22nd. For security reasons, Maduro announced the closure of the border between the two countries.

The Washington Quarterly said that the chaos on the Venezuelan border was the first time that the military and officials supporting Maduro faced the test, and the border situation would determine the short-term future direction of the country. The New York Times said on the 24th that if relief supplies enter Venezuela, it will be a symbolic victory for the opposition and a signal of the weakening of Maduro's power. Venezuela's Southern Television said that humanitarian supplies were kept outside the country, indicating that the opposition actions of the country's opposition and foreign forces have failed. These forces have also created the illusion of the government to suppress the people and make excuses for military aggression. The Brazilian Global News said that after the tension, it was impossible for Venezuela to have a civil war. The military supported the Maduro government. Therefore, it is not easy for Guade to win the political power.

As the Colombian side continues to organize illegal attacks on Venezuela, Maduro announced on the 23rd that Caracas and Bogota have severed diplomatic and political relations and requested Colombian diplomats in Venezuela to leave within 24 hours. The Colombian Foreign Ministry said on the 23rd that it will withdraw the Colombian diplomats in Venezuela as soon as possible without recognizing the legitimacy of the Maduro government.

Washington has never ruled out the possibility of restoring Venezuela's 'democracy' through military action. Today's Russian television station said that Bolton's spokesperson said on the 22nd that Bolton canceled the trip to South Korea and will be with the United States Venezuelan special envoy Abrams Focus on the situation of the country. Moscow believes that the United States is preparing to ship a large number of weapons to the opposition in early March. CNN said that Pompeo responded to the Colombian offender on Twitter on the 24th, and the United States will take action against those who oppose the restoration of democracy in Venezuela. US Vice President Burns said that he will meet with Guaido at the Lima Group meeting in Bogota on the 25th to discuss possible diplomatic actions and cooperation. Agence France-Presse said that the European Union's senior representative of foreign policy and security policy, Mogherini, said on the 24th that the EU's opposition to the government's use of violence to stop the arrival of relief supplies will increase the assistance to the committee. Maduro had previously agreed to receive EU assistance.

Source: Global Times-World Wide Web/ Mei Wei Qin Yu Liu Zhi Wang Yi

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