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This Oscar stage looks like a Trump hairstyle? Designer response: what the heart thinks, what you see

On the 24th, local time, the 91st Academy Awards ceremony was held at the Hollywood Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, USA. While admiring many excellent films and actors, people noticed an interesting thing: the stage of the Oscars was a bit like the hair of US President Trump.

CNN reported on the 24th that although many people think so, as Trump himself said, people think that what they see may not be the real thing itself.

CNN said that the stage designer David Colleen told the Los Angeles Times that the stage design of the ceremony was made up of sparkling gold and blue ripples, dotted with 1,250 Swarovski crystal harnesses. Carefully hung above the Dolby stage and weighed about 1600 pounds (about 725 kilograms), not to make it look like the hair of a national leader.

Colin also said, I don't feel like it, but I think people can see all kinds of things from art works. When people appreciate painting, sculpture, or architecture, people see what they think inside. What I see is tolerance, humanity, femininity, and beauty.

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