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Who burned the US humanitarian aid materials? Russian media: The video shows that it is the opposition

On the 23rd, a truck carrying the so-called important humanitarian aid from the United States entered Venezuela from Colombia, but was arson and burned. The United States and Venezuela blame each other for the so-called, but a video shows that it seems that the Venezuelan opposition people throwing the burning bottle to make the truck burn.

Today Russia (RT) reported on the 24th that on the 23rd, the US-backed Venezuelan opposition tried to break the closed Colombia-Venezuela border, but it did not succeed. Eventually, the trucks carrying important humanitarian aid from the United States to Venezuela were burnt down. The Venezuelan government has refused to allow these American materials to enter, calling it a harbinger of propaganda and military incursions.

This incident sparked anger among US officials about Venezuela and the call for a change in the Venezuelan regime. But is the burning of the truck really what the Venezuelan government is doing? The two videos that appear on Twitter show that the truth doesn't seem to be simple.

In one video, a man on the side of the Colombian border threw a burning bottle at the truck, while a remote Venezuelan border guard armed with a shield stood quietly. The other end of the video shows that some opposition activists are putting some kind of liquid into glass bottles to make a burning bottle.

RT said that the announcement of these two videos raised further doubts about the allegation that trucks were detained and arson after entering Venezuela.

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