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What kind of "heart knots" are pending in the "Golden Specialist"?

China News Service, Seoul, February 25th The second Golden Special Conference Immediately, what are the appeals on the Korean Peninsula? The China News Agency reporter recently interviewed a number of Korean and American experts.

Can there be substantial progress in denuclearization?

US President Trump said recently that he is not particularly eager to push North Korea to denuclearization. Some analysts said that this lowered the denuclearization of the door, suggesting that Gent would not have significant results.

But the Korean government does not agree. Kim Yiqian, a spokesperson for the Blue House in South Korea's presidential palace, said that it was not thought that Trump deliberately lowered expectations of the parties. Yonhap News Agency quoted a senior official of Qingwatai as saying that the Jinte will not be a small business.

Li Xiangwan, a professor at the Institute of Far East Studies at Gyeongnam University in South Korea, also has a positive attitude towards the Tejin Association. In an interview with a reporter from the China News Service, he said that the DPRK nuclear issue could not be solved overnight, and that step by step is the correct move based on reality.

Looking at the summit talks between the DPRK and the ROK last year, Li Xiangwan said that the peninsula has gradually shifted from a military-oriented cold war mentality to a diplomatic approach based on dialogue. The 'Golden Special' continued the dialogue and everything went in the right direction.

Foreseeing the denuclearization consultation, Harry J. Kazianis, director of the National Defense Center of the US National Center for Think Tanks, told the China News Service that the Hanoi meeting requires some substantial progress before it will become Political reality show. He said that North Korea will check the Yongbyon nuclear facilities on the negotiating table and need the corresponding response from the United States, such as easing sanctions.

According to the Korean media report at the end of last year, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the South Korean president, Wen Zai, sent a message to Trump, expressing his willingness to allow international inspectors to enter the Yongbyon nuclear facility, provided that the United States took corresponding measures.

Can the new DPRK-US relationship bring peace to the peninsula?

The DPRK and the United States have been inconsistent for many years, hindering the peace process on the peninsula. A few days ago, the US officially threw an olive branch. The US North Korean policy special representative Stephen Bigen said: The United States has no intention of attacking North Korea and does not seek to subvert the North Korean regime. The US President is convinced that it is time to end the 70-year war and hostilities on the peninsula.

The peninsula expert, former US State Department official Joel Wit analyzed that this reflects a certain degree of change in the US government's position. As far as the current situation is concerned, the differences between the US and the DPRK are narrowing. Harry Kazianis predicted that how to build a US-DPRK relationship would be an important issue, and the possibility of signing the final declaration was discussed at this meeting.

Li Xiangwan said that the leaders of the ROK and the DPRK have established a sense of trust after many rounds of talks. If the DPRK and the United States can alleviate the opposition, the peninsula peace situation will continue to improve.

International public opinion also looks forward to peace on the peninsula. The US media reported that the US and the DPRK are considering setting up liaison offices, which will be the first move between the two countries to establish formal relations. The Korean National Daily said that the DPRK and the United States may reach an agreement around the end of the war.

When the economic cooperation between South Korea and North Korea is on the right track?

Wen, the former phone with Trang said that South Korea is willing to play a role in reducing the burden on the United States, such as restoring economic cooperation between the ROK and the DPRK.

As early as last August, Wen Zai proposed to establish a special economic zone on the Korean-Korean border. At the end of last year, the Han Dynasty held a groundbreaking ceremony for railway and highway docking. In January this year, Kim Jong-un said in his New Year message that he would unconditionally reopen Kacheng Industrial Park and the Jingangshan tourist area.

The United States, which has always been urging sanctions against the DPRK, has undergone subtle changes in its attitude. According to media reports, Trump said recently: I am willing to cancel the sanctions, but before that, the other side (North Korea) must do something meaningful. Public opinion interprets that the United States is considering conditions to relax sanctions.

Li Xiangwan believes that if the denuclearization negotiations have made significant progress, the United States will be able to lift unilateral sanctions against the DPRK, such as the Kaicheng Industrial Park and the Mt. Geumgang tourism project, which are expected to be loosened.

The Korean public opinion generally predicts that it is more likely to restart the Mount Kumgang. As stated by the South Korean Central Daily News, the Kaesong Industrial Park involves a large number of cash transactions, which is difficult to launch; the Mt. Geumgang Tourism is a realistic and feasible bargaining chip in the United States.

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