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Bangladeshi hijacker's motivational exposure was rejected because of the actress's proposal

Overseas Network February 25th Bangladeshi Airlines (Biman Bangladesh Airlines) A ​​plane scheduled to fly from Dhaka to Dubai on the afternoon of 24th was hijacked and forced to land at the Shah Amana International Airport in Mengji Dagang . The suspect tried to break into the cockpit and was subsequently killed by the special forces on board. Local officials said the suspect's motive was denied to the movie actress's proposal.

Comprehensive foreign media reported that the suspect waved a gun after the plane took off and threatened to have a bomb on himself, to detonate the entire aircraft, and then tried to break into the cockpit. After the plane landed, the suspect also held a crew member as a hostage.

Bangladesh military spokesman Modil Rahman said that we tried to arrest the suspect or persuade him to surrender, but he refused resolutely, and we inferred that he was insanely insane, so he shot and killed. He said that the investigation confirmed that the suspect had only one pistol and no other things like bombs. The 150 staff and passengers on board were all safe.

Security Forces (AFP)

According to the Australian News Network, the suspect was a 25-year-old Bangladeshi who tried to break into the cockpit and asked to talk to Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. He also told the passengers on board that he and his wife had private question.

Md Mahbub Ali, Director of the Civil Aviation and Tourism Bureau of Bangladesh, told Bangladeshi TV that the suspect was hijacked because a film actress refused to marry him.

Things (AFP)

The aviation department officials said they were investigating how the suspects escaped the airport security check. The airport in Chittagong has been reopened. (Overseas network Yang Jia)

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