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Venezuela has no toothpaste? US reporters visit local market: sufficient goods

Overseas Network February 25th Previously, there were media reports that Venezuela was in short supply and could not even supply toothpaste. In response, the US journalist Max Blumenthal personally visited several countries in Venezuela to subsidize the food market to seek truth. In the interview video of Blumenthal, he said that what some media said that Venezuela does not exist is actually easy to find in the local market.

According to today's Russian network, Blumenthal visited several countries' subsidized markets except the capital of Venezuela and witnessed hundreds of people buying basic goods there. He said that the prices of these agricultural products are far below the market price, and locals seem to be able to afford these prices. The video shows local consumers leaving the market with large bags of food.

In these food markets, there are bread, meat and chicken, pasta, dried fish and various vegetables, and even handmade soap. For some media saying that Venezuela has no toothpaste, Blumenthal said: I am behind CNN's toothpaste that Venezuela does not exist.

A woman in the market said: We are peaceful here. We don't want war. She added that she does not want foreigners to provoke war and tell them that we don't need anything. We only hope that the United States will lift the blockade against Venezuela. We are all free.

In an interview with Russia today, Blumenthal explained that many Venezuelans believe that their crisis stems from US sanctions and billions of dollars in funds that were confiscated or blocked by the US government. Missing. And these people also said that those who hate Maduro and Chavezism are usually the richest people who do not need humanitarian assistance the most.

However, despite the chaos on the border between Venezuela and Colombia, the United States seems to insist on transporting its humanitarian aid into Venezuela. Last Sunday (24th), a senior US government official told reporters: What happened earlier will not prevent us from providing humanitarian assistance to Venezuela.

Earlier this month, opposition leader Guadeo called on the international community to provide food aid to Venezuela and unilaterally determine the time of arrival of supplies with the United States. For the help of the United States, the Maduro government refused to accept it and said that Venezuela is not a beggar. Maduro denied that there was a humanitarian crisis in the country and said that the Western relief forces collaborating with the opposition parties were a part of the coups arranged by the United States, with the aim of overthrowing him.

On the 23rd, local time, the Venezuelan opposition transported hundreds of tons of humanitarian supplies from the United States as originally planned, and then clashes occurred in various areas of the border. According to CNN, two trucks attempting to enter Venezuela from Colombia caught fire. So far, no material has been blocked by the border of the Venezuelan military. At the same time, Maduro announced that Venezuela had severed diplomatic and political relations with Colombia and requested Colombian diplomats in Venezuela to leave within 24 hours. (Overseas Network 濮阳艺婧)

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