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Experts warn that "no agreement to leave Europe" will destroy the British organic food industry

China News Service, London, February 24th, Helen Browning, chief executive of British organic certification agency, said on the 24th that no agreement will deprive British organic food companies of their ability to sell products in the EU market. The multi-billion pound organic food industry may be destroyed overnight.

Browning warned the media on the same day that if there is no agreement to leave the EU, the meat, vegetables and beer of British organic food will be abolished by the EU market. If no agreement is reached, it is possible that it will not be able to export organic products to the EU for a long time.

British organic producers also issued warnings because the uncertainty of Brexit has deprived European customers and European customers are looking for more reliable sources of supply.

The relevant government departments have also admitted that if there is no agreement, the UK's organic agricultural products will not be recognized in the EU and may suffer losses in the coming months. No agreement to leave the EU may put the country's food security at risk, prices soar, and some living items will disappear from the supermarket shelves.

The British organic industry was led by the British Soil Association, founded in 1946. It started and developed earlier than European countries. Currently, the UK's 2.3 billion pound organic market, about 8% of its products are exported to EU countries.

The Brexit agreement of British Prime Minister Teresa May was vetoed by the British Parliament last month. There has been no progress in renegotiation with the EU. The amendments to the Brexit Agreement proposed by members of Congress are highly controversial. Teresa May has repeatedly stressed that the UK will leave the EU on March 29 as planned, and there is no possibility of a Brexit.

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