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Global warming winner? After the ice cover melts, Greenland will be able to export sandstone

Zhongxin.com, February 25th According to foreign media reports, global warming caused huge ice sheets to melt, and a large amount of sediment under the ice cover rushed into the sea. Scientists say that in the Arctic Circle of Greenland, this phenomenon may cause more and more sand and gravel to accumulate along the Channel Bay. The number is enough to make Greenland a large sand export island, which is a rare positive effect of global warming. .

It is reported that a team of scientists from Denmark and the United States published a report on the hopes and risks of sand mining in Greenland in the journal Nature Sustainability, pointing out that after sand and gravel were brought to the coast, Greenland could mine sand. , benefit from the challenges posed by climate change.

The University of Colorado researcher Bend Dickson described Greenland's melting ice sheet as a faucet of sediment on the shoreline.

Sand and gravel are the most basic materials in the construction industry. The global demand for sand in 2017 reached a total of about 9.55 billion tons, with a market value of 99.5 billion US dollars. By 2100, the market value of this quantity of sand is expected to reach nearly $481 billion in the case of a large number of porridge.

This is an opportunity for Greenland, the world's largest island. Even though Greenland, which is affiliated with Denmark, has extensive autonomy, this island of only 56,000 people still relies heavily on the subsidies granted by Copenhagen. In the future, Greenland can promote the local economy by mining sand.

Bertman, a senior researcher at Aarhus University who did not participate in the study, said that Greenland has begun mining sand for the domestic construction industry.

Bertman said that if Greenland wants to export sand, the disadvantages include the distance between the island and the European and North American markets. But Bend Dickson believes that sand is very common through long-distance transportation, such as from Vancouver to Los Angeles, or from Australia to Dubai, she believes that distance is not a hindrance.

The study also stated that sand and gravel may be used in the future to reinforce beaches and coastlines that are at risk of rising sea levels. The report also refers to the need to assess the consequences of coastal sand mining in Greenland, especially for fisheries.

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