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The British Prime Minister postponed the vote on the Brexit agreement and still said that the agreement could be obtained before the deadline.

China News Network February 25th comprehensive report, local time on the 24th, British Prime Minister Theresa May said that parliamentarians could not vote again this week on the Brexit agreement, but must be carried out before March 12 Vote, this is Mei's renewed vote on the Brexit agreement. However, she still said that it was possible to obtain a Brexit agreement before the deadline of March 29.

It is reported that Mei went to Egypt to attend the European and Arab Leaders Summit and said to the media: We will not submit a parliamentary vote this week, but we promise to vote before March 12.

Mei said she must conduct further consultations with the EU to ensure that the amendments to the Brexit agreement can be passed, making it impossible to vote this week. She said: It is still our ability to get the agreement to leave the EU before March 29, and we are working hard in this direction.

Before, EU officials said that the EU has expected May to be forced to propose a three-month delay in Brexit. Two unnamed EU officials said that from the discussion between the two sides, even if the British parliament passed the Brexit agreement, it still has to wait until the EU summit on March 21-22 to sign, indicating that Mei will propose to postpone the March 29 off. European deadline requirements. The EU has now begun to deal with this situation.

On the other hand, according to British media reports, the British cabinet minister hopes that Mei Neng will step down after the local elections in May and allow the new leaders to proceed to the next phase of the Brexit negotiations. Those in the cabinet who support Brexit hope that the new leader will be able to take over the next phase of negotiations. Mei has promised to involve more politicians than consultants in the negotiations.

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