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An attempted attempt to hijack a flight in Bangladesh has caused an emergency landing. The suspect has died.

The attempted hijacked flight was forced to land at the airport of Chittagong City. (Source: Associated Press)

Overseas Network February 25th Local time on the 24th, a Bangladeshi airliner from Dhaka via Chittagong to Dubai was hijacked at the airport, and forced to land at the Chittagong airport in the country around 17:40. The passengers have been evacuated and only the hijack suspects and crew members are stranded on the plane. After the exchange of fire, the suspect was captured on the spot and was killed on the way to the rescue.

The Associated Press quoted local media ATN TV news report that Bangladeshi Army Major General Motiur Rahman told reporters that after the commandos demanded that the suspects immediately surrender, the two sides began an exchange of fire, and the suspects first rushed to the assault The team fired and the commando hit the suspect again. Rahman did not disclose the specific location of the shooting and the name of the suspect. He added that the suspect had died before being delivered to the hospital.

According to the local media Dhaka Tribune, when the commando tried to hunt down the gunman, the gunman claimed that he was wearing a suicide vest and said he wanted to communicate directly with the country's prime minister and senior government officials, the local civil aviation bureau chief, Air Force Lieutenant General M. Naim Hassan said the suspect appeared to be insane.

According to overseas reports, eight Bangladeshi parliamentarians and one relevant party leader took the flight. The Associated Press reported that the local TV station broadcasted the incident, and the scene showed that Bangladeshi soldiers were on duty at the airport. (Overseas network Wei Xueyu)

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