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US Secretary of State: The Gold Council may be extended. There may be a third time.

Overseas Network February 25th On the eve of the second DPRK-US summit, the US Secretary of State talked about the contents of the Jinte Conference in a news program. He said that if necessary, the United States is willing to extend the two-day US-North Korea summit. He also mentioned that if all the work could not be completed this week, there might be a third Golden Gate.

Comprehensive US Fox News, Russian Satellite News Agency and other media reports, on the 24th local time, Pompeo said on the TV show: (This US-DPRK leader meeting may be extended). I believe that if more time is needed, the United States will agree. We have had many consultations for a long time, and even continued discussions last night. We are willing to extend the summit. US President Trump has also made the necessary preparations and will work hard to achieve results.

Our goals are clear and our mission is clear. President Trump also said that it will take time, and Pompeo, who is about to leave for Vietnam, said that he might have a third Golden Gate. There may be another summit, as we may not be able to do all of this work this week. We hope to take a solid step along this path.

The second DPRK-US summit will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam on the 27th. On June 12, 2018, the US-DPRK summit was held in Singapore. This is the first time that the incumbent US and DPRK leaders have met in decades. Kim Jong-un and Trump first had a historic handshake, followed by one-on-one meetings and bilateral expansion meetings. During the meeting, the two sides signed a historic document and reached an agreement on four elements, including the DPRK's commitment to complete denuclearization. The United States is committed to providing security to North Korea. (Overseas network Zhang Ni)

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