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The "TongRumen" dispute escalated. The US Democrats demanded a public report.

China News, February 25, according to the US Chinese network report, in the United States, the United States, the United States, the special prosecutor Muller announced on the 23rd to Trump's former campaign manager Mana Ford Sentencing Court documents, Trump campaign team The investigation of the scandal of the U. On the 24th, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and the Democrat Shif said that if the complete report of the investigation of the Russian-Russian door cannot be made public, he will use the power of summoning to summon Muller to question and will bring the Trump administration to court when necessary. .

On the 24th, intelligence chairman Shif said his committee would pay attention to whether Justice Minister Barr tried to conceal any part of the report. He also warned that Barr will be subject to close scrutiny and pressure to fully publish Muller's investigation report.

We will bring it (the Trump administration) to court when necessary, and Schiff said that if he (Bal) tries to conceal and tries to conceal any part of this report, it will become a problem left by him. It will be a shameful issue. Therefore, I believe that this will not only bring great pressure to the department, but also bring great pressure to the incoming Minister of Justice.

It has been reported that Muller has recently completed a survey of the Russian-Russian border for nearly two years. Justice Minister Barr, who oversees the investigation, said he hopes to release as much information as possible about the investigation. But at the nomination hearing last month, Bar also made it clear that he would eventually decide what the public would see, and any report would be described in his words, not Muller's language.

On the 24th, Schiff said that any complete report of Muller is not enough to meet the requirements of the Democratic Party. He pointed out that the public is interested in seeing some potential evidence, such as information gathered from long-term investigations by Trump consultant Stone and former Trump campaign president Mana Ford. Schiff said his committee plans to expand the scope of the investigation to check whether foreign governments have an impact on Trump and his relatives or colleagues.

Stone had previously been sued for lying to Congress, and Mana Ford was accused of lying to investigators on several occasions, including his interaction with Russians, which are considered business partners associated with the United States, and It has a relationship with the Russian intelligence service.

In his testimony, Barr promised to report as much as possible. The law allows him to do it all. We will insist on making it public, and Schiff said that there is no other way to obtain the information seized except through the Ministry of Justice. If not, we cannot tell the whole country exactly what happened.

It has been reported that Democrats may use Muller's findings as the basis for impeachment procedures. In an open letter on the 22nd, the Democratic Party warned against hiding Trump's message because the Justice Department believed that the president could not be prosecuted. We will go deep into the end, and Schiff said that if the president takes all his disclaimers seriously, he should welcome the publication of this report.

The report said that there was speculation that Muller would soon submit a report to the Ministry of Justice, although the department said it was not expected to happen this week.

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