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Holding a large-size model photo exhibition before Paris Fashion Week against obesity discrimination

Overseas Paris, February 25th At present, a large-size mannequin photo exhibition is being held on the outer wall of the Caserne Napoleon near the French city of Paris. The open-air photo exhibition, which lasted until March 9, is part of a campaign against obesity initiated by the City of Paris.

According to Agence France-Presse reported that the photo exhibition was a large-scale fashion show catwalk held in the City Hall of Paris. The purpose of the exhibition is to promote the concept of anti-obcerce obesity to Paris citizens and those attending Fashion Week before the opening of Paris Fashion Week on February 25.

The large size model Jerry's photo of the catwalk is on display. Jerry is a Spanish teacher and her business card is printed with her own measurements. Everyone has the right to pursue fashion! she says.

In the photo exhibition on the theme of stopping obesity discrimination, each large-size model has a text next to it, indicating the positive impact of this special catwalk on obese people. Jerry's photo comment reads: I am coming out and more firmly opposed to discrimination.

Jerry, 36, said that I am very fat and often feel discrimination in my life. She also said that the purpose of propaganda is not to name fat, but to tell the public that fat people also need to go out of their homes, dress and dress up and integrate into society.

The initiator of the exhibition is Alena Bidar, deputy mayor of the city of Paris responsible for gender equality and anti-discrimination. She believes that the concept of fashion is changing, but progress is still slow, far from diversification.

The recent Chanel art director who had just passed away, and Karl Lagerfeld, who is known as the fashion emperor, repeatedly published statements allegedly discriminating against obese people, and even led to the prosecution of women's rights organizations. This also reflects from one side that the fashion industry's prejudice against women's body is deeply rooted.

The artistic director of the photo exhibition, Van Cham McDom, said that models with various skin colors can be seen on the stage, and age is no longer taboo, but compared to New York and London, Paris's big yards. Models are still rare, and the concept of fashion has fallen behind. (Overseas Network - France - Long Jianwu)

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