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Russia lists hypersonic missile targets: the US Pentagon is impressively listed

Russian satellite news agency reported on February 24 that the Russian National-1 TV station of the National Television Broadcasting Corporation of the United States listed the US military decision-making centers on the show. They may become zirconium in the case of Washington using missile threats against Russia. The goal of the stone missile.

These goals include the Washington Pentagon, which includes the top management of the armed forces and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Camp David - the government command post, the Richburg, Maryland--the presidential command post, and the US Joint Chiefs of Staff command center. . These three facilities are located on the east coast of the United States. On the west coast of the United States, there is McClellan (California) - the strategic offensive force command post and Jim Crick (Washington State) - the nuclear power command post.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a State of the Union address to the Russian Federation on the 20th that the zircon sea-based hypersonic cruise missile being built has a speed of 9 Mach and a range of more than 1,000 kilometers. The missile will be equipped in the future, as well as surface ships under construction. And on the submarine.

This type of missile will be used in the US decision-making center where Russia is threatened to manage the European missile defense system. It is reported that in the launching device of the US missile defense system in Europe, it is possible to deploy small and medium-sized missiles to attack Russian territory.

This refers to the deployment of Mk41 in Romania under the framework of the establishment of an anti-missile system in Europe earlier, and similar systems are also deployed in Poland. They are suitable for launching Tomahawk cruise missiles.

Before Russian retired navy Rear Admiral, Russian hero, technical science associate doctor Vsevolod Khmelov said that Russian naval vessels can simultaneously launch 40 zircon missiles to the US military command centers and ensure that they are destroyed. . He pointed out that if the ship carrying the zircon missile is 500 kilometers away from the coastline, it can reach the target of the coastal zone with a depth of not less than 500 kilometers within 5 minutes. During this time, the missile flying to the target can be found, but it cannot be intercepted.

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