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Trump mentions Independence Day to hold a large-scale event called it or become a tradition

China News, February 25th According to the US Chinese website, on the 24th, US President Trump once again raised the idea of ​​holding a large-scale rally on Independence Day. On the same day, he said on social networking site Twitter that his government will hold one of the largest gatherings in Washington, DC, on July 4, 2019.

Infographic: US President Trump. China News Service reporter 刁海

Lock this date! Trump issued a message saying that we will hold one of the largest gatherings in Washington, DC, on July 4. It will be called 'Honor to the United States' and will be held at the Lincoln Memorial. Mainly will carry out fireworks shows, entertainment and my speech.

Trump said earlier this month that he was considering a July 4th rally in Washington, DC, which he thought could be a tradition. This could be a very exciting day, Trump said, it will be a real rally, not a parade. Maybe at the Lincoln Memorial.

At the time, the Washington, DC mayor's office said it had not received any information about the incident in the White House. Washington, DC, has hosted a series of annual celebrations on July 4th, including fireworks displays at the National Mall, free concerts, and parades on Constitution Avenue.

In 2018, Trump repeatedly said that he was interested in holding a military parade before the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. But he canceled the march in August on the grounds that the cost was high.

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