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The third day of the Iranian military exercise: the first underwater launch of the submarine cruise missile

Russian satellite news agency reported on February 24 that the Iranian military issued a statement on its website that the Iranian Navy Kadir class submarine fired a cruise missile from underwater for the first time.

The statement said: The Iranian Navy 'Kadir' class submarine successfully launched a cruise missile from the water on the third day of the 'Guardian-97' (Velayat 97) military exercise. Because of the limited range of submarine-launched missiles and the fact that submarines may be discovered by enemies when launching missiles, the Iranian Navy and Defense Ministry experts chose to launch cruise missiles against enemy targets from the deep sea for the first time. "

The Iranian military stated that its naval-equipped "Tariq-class, Fatah-class submarines can launch cruise missiles from underwater."

Iranian Navy Guard-97 Large military exercise began on the Strait of Hormuz on February 22nd and the exercise will continue until February 25. It is reported that the water area involved in the military exercise covers 2 million square kilometers.

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