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The British parliament voted for a "drag" and then "towed" vote on March 12

The Brexit vote will be dragged to the last minute.

CNN reported on February 24 that there was only 33 days left until the Brexit deadline of March 29, and British Prime Minister Teresa May again postponed the parliamentary vote for the purpose of Seek more time to negotiate with the EU on the revision of the Brexit agreement.

It is reported that before going to Egypt to participate in the EU-Arabic summit on the 24th, Teresa May told reporters that the key parliamentary vote will be held on March 12. She also said that she will return to Brussels on the 26th to continue negotiations.

Therefore, we will not launch a key vote to Parliament this week. Teresa May told Reuters, but we will guarantee that the vote will be held before March 12.

CNN said that the postponement of the parliamentary vote was confirmed by No. 10 Downing Street.

On the other hand, according to British media reports, the British cabinet minister hopes that Teresa Mayen will step down after the local elections in May and allow the new leaders to proceed to the next phase of the Brexit negotiations. Those in the cabinet who support Brexit hope that the new leader will be able to take over the next phase of negotiations.

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