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Brexit or extended to 2021? EU officials: help solve problems

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Overseas network on February 25th, the deadline for the Brexit deadline for the UK - just over a month on March 29, but recently the source broke the news, according to a new plan developed by senior EU officials, the British Brexit The deadline may be postponed until 2021.

According to the Daily Express, the EU is considering recommending to British Prime Minister Teresa May: If her Brexit agreement cannot pass the parliament and she wishes to postpone the Brexit date, the UK will have to stay in the EU at least By 2021.

Three EU insiders said that senior EU officials and several EU member states have supported the extension of the original Brexit deadline of March 29 to 21 months to 2021. Officials from both sides now expect that the extension of the Brexit period will avoid a situation of no agreement to leave the EU.

Before, British lawmakers proposed the idea of ​​staying in the EU for another three months. However, EU officials believe that such a short period of time is not enough to achieve fundamental progress and break the deadlock. An EU diplomat said that the extension of 21 months makes sense: Given the situation in the UK, the extension of the time limit is not inevitable. But if the British leaders understand the purpose of extending the deadline, they will be on the verge of ensuring a decent time to resolve outstanding issues or prepare for the future. Another EU official also said that delaying the Brexit will give Britain time to return to the negotiating table to develop a better agreement.

Although the EU believes that the Brexit date should be delayed, Teresa May is still trying hard to change the current Brexit agreement, in order to make the agreement to pass the final effort in the parliament. She stated: Our negotiations with the EU have made good progress and we will continue this work so that we can reach an agreement and leave on March 29.

Treaza May said at the National Conference of the Conservative Party on the evening of the 23rd that negotiations with the EU on the Brexit Agreement have entered the final stage. Most of the Conservative Party members who participated in the meeting stated that the Brexit date should not be delayed, and that the UK has no possible option to leave the EU. On the 24th, Teresa May said in the European and Arab leaders' summit in Egypt that the UK still needs to continue consultations with the EU on the Brexit agreement, so it is necessary to postpone the congressional vote scheduled to be held this week, at the latest next month. Vote on the 12th. (Overseas Network 濮阳艺婧)

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