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Abe's early remarks in the early years of the Jin Dynasty's Japanese netizens: Is it mentally ill?

According to the Japanese Journal of Hyundai on February 23, recently, the topic about the essence of Shinzo Abe has caused heated discussion on the Japanese network. The reason is that in 2010, before Shinzo Abe took office as prime minister again, the TV program that was attended as a guest was publicized by netizens. In the program, Abe and the famous Japanese funny artist combination laughter member Ota Hiroshi made a constitutional amendment, the Iraq war and other issues. A fierce debate, Abe's amazing remarks are staggering. Once the video of the program was released, it spread rapidly on Twitter, and the number of forwarders reached more than 20,000.

Why did the video 9 years ago spread so quickly, everything is closely related to the inappropriate comments in Abe's program.

In the course of talking with the hilarious question, Abe was asked if Japan had supported the Iraq war. He answered, of course, and continued. (In Iraq) no large amount of anti-personnel weapons were found, which is a pity. Taitian Guang immediately asked, if a mistake is made, a large number of innocent people will be injured and killed. What do you think? Abe and Ota have started the next dialogue -

Abe: I can only say sorry.

Ota: Regret?

Abe: However, Iraq at the time was really in possession of a lot of anti-personnel weapons.

Ota: Just because of this possibility, is it necessary to launch a war?

Abe: That's it.

Ota: There is no evidence of this possibility. Is it murder only by guess?

Abe: Sometimes it is so painful to make a decision.

After the conversation, Ota light immediately retorted, the most painful of those who are dead!

The report contends that as the prime minister of a country, Abe faced the Iraq war with more than 400,000 deaths. He ended up with a regret and affirmed the war without evidence. Japanese netizens cannot help but suspect that What is he thinking about?

■Abe's narcissistic personality is not suitable for politics

Clinical psychologist Yasuo Yasuo made a judgment that Prime Minister Abe's speech is a typical narcissistic personality. The most typical characteristic of this type of personality is that it is difficult to resonate with others and refuse to admit its fault. At the same time, there is still disapproval, hate others to hold the opposite opinion, and self-respect is extremely high, it is difficult to make an apology.

There is also a voice on the Internet. Is this a mental illness?

Yan Yuyang answered that in fact, this personality is somewhat different from mental illness. Once a mentally ill person receives a certain point of view, he or she will place his or her posture under the other party, which is prone to inferiority. However, narcissistic personality does not want to see their own 'humiliation' side, and think that they are the right, the strongest. People with narcissistic personality are not suitable for politics. They are rather not bent. In the end, what they leave behind is the subordinates who are obedient.

The report said that Abe once said that the sewage is uncontrollable, and that the corals in the wilderness of the wilderness will be removed. It is really a lie that does not change color.

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