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The Senegalese presidential team announced the re-election, the opposition said to have two rounds of voting

The Senegalese President Markey Saale's team announced that Saul won the election for the second consecutive round of elections on the 24th, but the opposition believes that there is a foul in the election and a second round of voting is still required.

Maki Salle speaks at the polling station, from Reuters

Reuters news on the 24th said that Saale's ally, Senegalese Prime Minister Mohamed Diona, told reporters that the preliminary vote showed that Saale won in 13 of the 14 voting areas and won 57%. Total votes. He said that we must congratulate the president for winning re-election in the first round of elections.

Reuters said that last year, Salle launched a reform and infrastructure construction project to promote the growth of small-scale fishery exports in Senegal by 6%, becoming one of the countries with the highest growth rate in Africa. He also promised to provide universal health care and better educational opportunities, and won the support of all parties.

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