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For sentencing, the US judge wants to climb the Statue of Liberty.

To be sentenced to protesters who climbed the Statue of Liberty, a judge in the United States prepared to take the test and personally climb the statue to assess the risk and harm of the act before making a decision.

According to the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) on the 23rd, on July 4 last year, Tracy Okumou from Congo climbed the Statue of Liberty to protest the US government's immigration policy. In December, Okumu was found guilty, but the specific sentence is difficult to determine.

To this end, the trial judge, Glennstein, hopes to go to the crime scene in person, climb the statue and find out. In a court order issued on the 22nd, he said that this would better understand the risks and harms caused by the defendant's actions.

The National Park Service said on Friday that it would follow the judge's request to arrange for him to climb the Statue of Liberty at a non-visit peak during the future. (Wang Huicong)

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