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World Mobile Communications Conference Opens Huawei Conference Becomes a Hot Spot

The World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC) opened on February 25th in Barcelona, ​​Spain. With the fifth-generation mobile communication technology (5G) commercialization approaching, from the terminal products such as 5G mobile phones suitable for the consumer market to the 5G technology that promotes the digital transformation of enterprises, 5G has become the absolute protagonist of this conference. Huawei, ZTE and other Chinese manufacturers will release 5G and other related products at the conference. With the accidents of Britain and US President Trump and other faces to Huawei's gentle face, China's 5G power has attracted the attention of the world. Reuters quoted a senior Huawei official as saying that there is no Huawei's 5G market, as if there is no Manchester United Premier League.

Indian media Hansindia said on the 24th that Barcelona Mobile World Congress will open its doors to a new world of mobile technology. Almost no one doubts that 5G will be the hottest topic of this conference. Internet and communications infrastructure companies such as Huawei, Samsung, and Ericsson will demonstrate their readiness to embrace the 5G era. Many companies have announced their latest mobile phones, but people are talking more about Huawei's 5G foldable screen phones.

At 14 o'clock local time on the 24th, Huawei held a 5G mobile phone conference at the Barcelona Convention and Exhibition Center. At 13:00, the Global Times reporter came to the venue and found that the venue that can accommodate more than a thousand people was already packed. In fact, on the morning of the same day, the peers constantly reminded to go to the venue as soon as possible, because the number of applicants has already far exceeded the number of people in the venue. At the press conference, the pollen of Huawei (the fans of Huawei) continued to cheer, and in the release section of the world's fastest 5G folding mobile phone Mate X mobile phone, the excitement of the scene was the most intense.

Fredzone, a professional website specializing in consumer technology, said that Huawei's latest folding screen 5G smartphone MateX, which was released on the 24th, poses a direct challenge to Samsung, the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer. Huawei's new phone has a screen that covers the entire outer casing. It works like a book, which is a well-designed solution. The latestly website said that although Huawei's first foldable smartphone was released four days later than Samsung, Huawei's new phone has an advantage over Samsung because Huawei's foldable phone is a 5G phone, while Samsung's foldable phone is 4G. Deutsche Telekom said that while Huawei was shining, iPhone maker Apple did not appear at the conference.

South Korea's Samsung Electronics is Huawei's biggest competitor, and the Korean media is particularly concerned about the performance of Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei. South Korea's daily economy said that Huawei announced on the 24th that the latest product of 5G and folding screen Mate X seems to be a breakthrough in the so-called security threats in the United States. Huawei invited the heads of IT security certification agencies and global media reporters to participate in the conference. Huawei is vigorously refuting the containment of the United States through public display of equipment and technology. As the world's largest mobile communication equipment supplier occupying 28% of the global market, Huawei is demonstrating its technological advantages. Even if the United States obstructs, no Huawei can achieve the confidence of 5G's early application. In addition to 5G and folding mobile phones, Huawei also exhibited other high-tech equipment related to 5G, such as the latest Scorpio chip, which can still maintain the original communication level while reducing the existing 50G weight of 5G equipment. The 5G base station is reduced by 23% and the power consumption is reduced by 21%.

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