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Saudi Arabia appointed Princess Rima as the first female ambassador to the United States

The Saudi Arabian side announced on the 23rd that it has appointed Princess Rima Bent Bandar as the ambassador to the United States.

Rima will be the first female ambassador to Saudi Arabia to succeed Prince Khalid Bin Salman, who was re-appointed as Deputy Minister of Defense.

The Saudi News Agency reported the above changes in personnel late at night, with two resumes.

Rima's father is Saudi's former ambassador to the United States. She once worked in business and later served in the Saudi National Sports General Administration, advocating more women to participate in sports.

A number of media reports indicate that Saudi Arabia hopes to ease the relationship with the United States by replacing the ambassador. Rima will face a series of challenges after taking office, including how to deal with some US lawmakers seeking for the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Kashji. Take a tough move against Saudi Arabia.

Kashugi was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last year. US President Donald Trump has repeatedly reiterated that Saudi Arabia remains the center of US diplomacy in the Middle East, but many members do not buy Saudi Arabia.

The US House of Representatives passed a resolution on the 13th of this month, deciding that the United States will no longer support Saudi-led multinational coalition forces in the Yemen war. The House of Representatives launched an investigation on the 19th to investigate the reasons for some unusual actions in the process of government decision to sell civilian nuclear technology to the Middle East, involving Saudi Arabia.

The outgoing ambassador to the United States Khalid is the younger brother of Saudi Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohamed bin Salman. In 2017, he became the ambassador to the United States. Khalid, who previously served in the Saudi Air Force, was an F-15 fighter pilot who had repeatedly participated in the fight against extremist groups in Syria and air strikes in Hossein in Yemen.

The Crown Prince Mohammed was supported by King Salman, who promoted military reform about a year ago and intends to reorganize the leadership of the armed forces and promote young officials.

The Saudi News Agency reported that Khalid was closely related to Crown Prince Muhammad and the two previously worked together in the Ministry of Defence; these experiences helped Khalid to better understand the details of a series of strategic development plans recently announced by Crown Prince Muhammad.

Beca Wasser, a political analyst at the US think tank Rand, told AFP that Khalid's appointment as deputy defense minister may be intended to push for breakthroughs in Yemen's war and military reform. (Zheng Yuning) (Xinhua News Agency special feature)

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