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An explosion of fireworks and firecrackers in the "black workshop" in India killed 11 people

A factory that illegally manufactures fireworks and firecrackers in the Perdoch region of northern India has exploded on the 23rd, killing at least 11 people.

Pedoch official Rajendra Prasad said the explosion caused a factory and two houses to collapse and six others were injured.

A senior Uttar Pradesh police officer told reporters that explosives experts and forensic doctors were on the scene of the explosion to help and assist in the investigation.

The police officer said that the operator disguised the factory as a carpet factory. Perdoxi is known for its carpet production and export. Indian media reported that the factory memory magnified fireworks.

The phenomenon of illegally manufacturing fireworks and firecrackers is quite rampant in India. In October last year, another factory in Uttar Pradesh that illegally manufactured fireworks and firecrackers exploded, killing seven people. (吴宝澍)

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