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Is it difficult for the Taliban's top officials to go to peace talks because of the blacklist? The United States and Russia "look for a way"

The US Government's Special Representative for Afghan Reconciliation, Zalme Khalilzad, said on the 22nd that the United States and Russia agreed to find ways to facilitate some of the Afghan Taliban's high-level officials on the United Nations travel blacklist to go abroad to participate in peace in Afghanistan. negotiation.

Khalilzad met with the Russian President's Special Representative for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, in the Turkish capital of Ankara. Khalilzad later said on social media Twitter that the two discussed some travel obstacles faced by Taliban negotiators, and the two sides will receive exemption exploration programs for these representatives.

Reuters reported that some Taliban high-level figures face the travel ban issued by the United Nations and are inconvenient to travel. The Taliban have been asking the United States to help lift the ban.

The last round of peace talks in Afghanistan was scheduled to take place in Islamabad, Pakistan on the 18th. The talks could not be held because some blacklisted Taliban representatives could not travel to Islamabad.

Reuters reported that the Taliban high-level peace talks with the United States in the first few rounds were held because the United States and the host country provided convenience to the Taliban. The Afghan government is quite angry. Last week, it filed a complaint with the UN Security Council to identify high-level Taliban figures in violation of the travel ban. This is one of the reasons why the last round of talks failed to be held.

The next round of talks between the Afghan Taliban and the United States is scheduled to be held in Qatar on the 25th. A Taliban spokesman said on the 22nd that he is optimistic about the prospects for the negotiations.

The Taliban have consistently refused to engage in direct dialogue with the Afghan government, acknowledging that the latter is the United States. The United States has repeatedly tried to get the Afghan government to join the Taliban negotiations, which was strongly opposed by the Taliban.

Khalilzad said on the 8th of this month that although the Afghan peace talks are in the early stages, he hopes to reach an agreement before the Afghan presidential election in July this year. (Wang Hongbin)

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