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Venezuelan government: opposition leaders take oil for trading

On February 24, Venezuelan Minister of Information Rodriguez held a press conference in the capital, Caracas, accusing the president of the Venezuelan parliament, the leader of the opposition, and the leader of the opposition, Guaido, as the United States. Give Venezuela's oil to the United States.

Venezuela's Minister of Information Rodriguez: You (Guaido) thought that Trump would not intervene in Venezuelan oil? In fact, you know that you are confused, you have already reached a deal, you have already handed over the oil of Venezuela

Rodriguez also revealed that the opposition had planned to create a car crash and attempted to plant it for the Venezuelan government.

Venezuela's Minister of Information Rodriguez: (The opposition's plan is to have several terrorists driving stolen National Guard cars through the Simon Bolivar International Bridge and rushing into the crowd, killing people after they It was claimed that this was done by the Venezuelan National Guard. This was done by the Maduro government.

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