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Kim Jong-un specializes in sailing to Vietnam. The journey through China highlights the relationship between the two countries.

The Korean Central News Agency confirmed on the 24th that North Korea's top leader Kim Jong-un's special train had left Pyongyang to Hanoi on the afternoon of the 23rd. As of the morning of this newspaper's release, the North Korean government has not updated Kim Jong-un's itinerary. According to Korean media reports, Kim Jong-un's special train opened at Tianjin Station around 1 pm on the 24th, and from Vietnam, the Vietnamese border city Tongdeng Railway Station has been decorated with new guests. At the first Golden Conference, Kim Jong-un, who flew to Singapore by Chinese passenger plane, chose to take the train to Hanoi, which caused widespread interest. Some analysts believe that Kim Jong-un has penetrated the Chinese mainland through a special train, highlighting the relationship between China and the DPRK, and some media believe that Kim Jong-un, who is determined to develop the economy, wants to see the development status of China and Vietnam. The footsteps of the second Golden Special Committee are getting closer and closer. On the morning of the 24th local time, US President Trump sent a tweet saying that he will leave for Vietnam to meet with Kim Jong-un on the 25th. We are all looking forward to the Singapore Summit. Make more progress.

North Korea's CCTV broadcasted a video of Kim Jong-un's departure from Pyongyang on the evening of the 24th. From the TV screen, a large number of senior North Korean officials such as Kim Yong Nam and Cui Longhai, members of the Politburo of the Korean Workers' Party, sent off for Kim Jong-un at Pyongyang Railway Station. The citizen representative waved a tribute to the bouquet. After the special train was launched, Kim Jong-un also stood in front of the unclosed car door and waved to the people who sent off. According to the Korean Central News Agency, Kim Jong-un and his entourage will travel to Hanoi to attend the second summit meeting between the DPRK and the United States from 27th to 28th. At the same time, at the invitation of General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam and Chairman of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, he will be in Vietnam. Conduct a state visit.

The accompanying delegation included Kim Ying-cheol, Li Yi, Jin Pinghai, Wu Xiurong, the foreign minister Li Yonghao, the foreign military force of the People's Armed Forces, and the alternate member of the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee, Jin Hezheng, Deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Xiang Cuishan Ji and so on.

Korea World Daily said on the 24th that in addition to the diplomatic and military core figures, Kim Jong-un's visit to Vietnam has also added senior officials from the economic circles to show Kim Jong-un's strong will to depict the blueprint for economic development through this visit. In addition to Jin Pinghai and Wu Xiurong, the rest of the staff participated in the first Jinte.

Kim Jong-un chose the shortest distance to go to Vietnam. South Korea's SBS TV reported on the 24th that Kim Jong-un's special train was departed from Pyongyang at 5 pm local time on the 23rd. At 9:30 pm, he passed Dandong and passed at around 1 pm on the 24th. Tianjin station and continue south. According to the report, the Kim Jong-un series did not pass through Beijing directly. On the one hand, it saves time, on the other hand, it avoids the impression that the US will communicate with China before the meeting. According to a report on the 24th of the Korea Korean Daily, Kim Jong-un has traveled through the Chinese mainland through a special train, which has highlighted the relationship between China and the DPRK and sent a pressure signal to the United States. Why did Kim Jong-un's special train not go to Beijing? The report quoted Xin Fanzhe, a researcher at the Lushan Policy Research Institute of South Korea, as saying that Kim Jong-un had visited Beijing last month and went to Beijing before the talks. When Kim Jong-un returned to China in the future, he would lead China. It is more likely that people will report the outcome of the DPRK-US summit. Xin Fanzhe also said that China's provision of a large railway channel to the DPRK also proves the relationship between China and the DPRK's destiny and the unchanging relationship between the two sides.

Qatar Al Jazeera said on the 24th that from the icy north to the subtropical Vietnam, the logistics of this trip may be very difficult for China. China must clean the road to ensure safety throughout the journey. Sistin, a professor at the University of Sydney, said that in order for Kim Jong-un to visit, Beijing is willing to pay for it, and Beijing hopes that the peninsula will be denuclearized.

SBS TV reported that the railway between Pyongyang and Hanoi is 4,500 kilometers long. It will take more than 60 hours to arrive at the terminal on the morning of the 26th. The railway in China is more than 40 hours. According to the report, Kim Jong-un's special train may arrive in Guangxi, Pingsha, and Nanning, which is bordered by Vietnam's Lang Son Province. Pingxiang Station determined that the martial law was imposed from the morning of the 25th to the afternoon of the 26th. Kim Jong-un may sit directly across the Sino-Vietnamese border.

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