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The Russian media listed the five major military decision-making centers of the United States may be potential targets of the Russian military "big killer"

The Russian First Channel TV station of the All-Russian National Television Broadcasting Corporation listed the five major military decision-making centers in the United States on the 24th, and said that in the case of Washington using missiles to threaten Russia, these five decision-making centers may become Russian troops. The goal of zircon sea-based hypersonic cruise missiles.

According to the Russian news agency reported on February 24th, the first five military decision-making centers listed by the Russian First Channel on the show, including the Washington Pentagon, including the top management of the armed forces and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Camp David - The government command post, Port Richey, Maryland - the presidential command post and the US Joint Chiefs of Staff command center. The three decision centers are located on the east coast of the United States. On the west coast of the United States, there is the McClellan Strategic Offensive Force Commandquarters (located in California) and the Jim Crick Nuclear Power Commandquarters (located in Washington State).

It is reported that Putin said in his State of the Union speech on the 20th that the zircon sea-based hypersonic cruise missile being built has a speed of Mach 9 and a range of more than 1,000 kilometers. The missile can destroy sea and ground targets.

The report states that zircon missiles can be used in decision-making centers in the United States in the event of a threat to Russia. The US missile defense system is likely to deploy small and medium-sized missiles in European launchers to attack Russian territory. The United States deployed the MK41 vertical missile launch system in Romania when it established the anti-missile system framework in Europe. Similar systems are deployed in In Poland, the system can launch Tomahawk cruise missiles.

Before, Russian retired Rear Admiral Vsevolod Khmelov said on the 21st that the zircon missile launched by Russian naval vessels will ensure that the target within 500 km offshore will be destroyed within 5 minutes. Against the US aircraft carrier, no anti-missile system can intercept it. (任洁)

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