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Japanese Okinawa people voted for the US military base

China News Service February 25, according to the Central News Agency, whether the Japanese Okinawa US military Futenma base moved to Nagoya, Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture held a referendum on the 24th, the final vote results were released today, against the wilderness The proportion of votes for rebuilding land in the coastal areas to build a US military base is as high as 72%.

The Okinawa prefectural government pointed out that the voting rate of this referendum is about 52%, of which the proportion of votes is about 72% (434,273 votes), and the proportion of votes is about 19% (114,933 votes). The proportion of votes in both cases is approaching. 9% (52,682 votes).

This non-legally binding referendum was announced on the 14th. The voters who were eligible to vote in Okinawa (as of the 13th) are estimated to be 1,153,591.

Among the three voting options, if the option to obtain the most votes is 1/4 of the voters (about 290,000 votes), the Governor of Okinawa must respect the results and inform the Japanese Prime Minister and the President of the United States of the results of the referendum.

The number of referendums is now more than one-fourth of that of voters. This represents the public opinion of Okinawa Prefecture against the construction of a US military base in the ancient land reclamation in the wilderness.

Okinawa Prefecture Governor Yucheng Kangyu told reporters: I will strongly urge the Japanese government to face up to the public opinion of our people and immediately review the current policy and stop construction.

On December 14 last year, the Japanese government poured earth and stone into the ancient coastal areas of the borders for land reclamation. On January 28 this year, the government began to build new revetments on the eastern side of the sea area scheduled for reclamation. It is expected that after March 25, the government plans to pour earth and stone into the west side of the sea area currently being reclaimed.

The analysis said that the results of this referendum may affect the by-election of the House of Representatives in Okinawa on April 21 and the Senate election this summer.

This is the second time in Okinawa Prefecture to hold a referendum according to the regulations. The first time was September 8, 1996. The issue was the adjustment of the US-Japan status agreement and the reduction of the base. The turnout rate was 59.53%, and the votes were about 90% of the total votes.

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