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(International) Sultan New Prime Minister and First Vice President sworn in

Xinhua News Agency, Khartoum, February 24th The new Prime Minister and first vice president of the Sudan and the new governor of each state were sworn in on the 24th.

The Sudanese President Bashir appointed Muhammad Tahir Ella as the Federal Chancellor and Abad Ibn Ove as the first vice president and defense minister on the 23rd. Eighteen military personnel were appointed as governors of the states.

At the swearing-in ceremony in the capital's presidential palace in Khartoum, Bashir called on the new governors of the states to work together to overcome the difficulties. He said that the current situation requires military personnel to lead the country out of the predicament.

Muhammad Tahir Ella said at the oath ceremony that he will work with the ministers to boost Sudan's economic level, improve people's livelihood and provide daily needs for the people.

Bahir issued a national televised speech on the evening of the 22nd, announcing Sudan's entry into a one-year state of emergency and announcing the dissolution of the federal and state governments.

Since December last year, demonstrations and demonstrations have taken place in several cities in Sudan due to rising commodity prices and currency devaluation. According to official sources, more than 30 people have been killed so far.

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