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Three people were injured in an apartment in Bristol, England.

China News Service, London, February 24th The British police revealed on the 24th that an apartment in the southwestern city of Bristol exploded last night, three people were injured and the house was seriously damaged.

The explosion occurred at 19:50 on the 23rd in an apartment in Whitchurch Lane, Hartcliffe, Bristol. The explosion caused three people to be injured. All the wounded had breathing and consciousness. The whole house fell into flames.

A woman at the scene of the explosion told the media reporter that her husband rescued a man who was on fire from a damaged apartment. Before that, she heard a huge explosion.

The spot witness stated that only the smoke was initially seen, but the flame began to burn inside, and as the smoke became stronger, the flame began to brighten. On the road, she saw a lot of debris and a large glass panel on the upper floor of the apartment. It looked like the window upstairs and was thrown down by huge force.

Fire rescuers arrived at the scene shortly after the explosion. Fire rescue command Steve Imri introduced that fire rescuers used rescue equipment such as respirators to control and check the fire, and first aided the wounded on the scene.

At present, several roads near the scene of the explosion are still closed, and the police are investigating the cause of the explosion.

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