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Obama's eldest daughter's privacy is shackled, leading to the story of the "first daughter of the first daughter" in the United States.

The first daughter of the United States is often seen as the light of the presidential family, accompanied by inevitable public opinion controversy. Even when the first daughter became the former first daughter, it still attracted much attention.

From Bush's twin daughters Gina and Barbara, to Clinton's daughter Chelsea, to Obama's daughters Maria and Sasha. The former first daughters of the United States were relished.

Recently, Obama's eldest daughter, Maria, who is studying at Harvard University, was targeted by the media.

The Daily Mail reported on the 17th that Obama's eldest daughter, Maria, had a vacation with friends in Miami last weekend. She was photographed by a reporter for a bottle of wine worth $80.

US law requires 21 years of age to drink alcohol. On the instant social network, there were four criticisms. The first daughter had the privilege. She belonged to 1% of the upper-level wealth class.

The misfortunes are not alone, but the Daily Mail pulled out Maria's Facebook trumpet and found that she had sent a photo of a series of note papers that read Trump as president. Normal Trump is evil and don't be complacent.

A 20-year-old girl, stealing a drink and silently vomiting, is a normal thing, but because Maria is the aura of her former daughter, her little secrets are reported by the British and American media. Was criticized by netizens.

Clinton, the daughter of former US President Bill Clinton, posted on Twitter: Maria is a citizen individual, and no part of her life should be reduced to the title party material.

Gina, the daughter of former US President George W. Bush, immediately forwarded to Chelsea Twitter and commented: Hesitant to comment on such an empty news, but sincerely endorsed Chelsea. Don't go see this stupid news, let us give Maria privacy.

The Guardian said that a so-called scandal provoked "the former First Daughter Club's solidarity action, which led to a friendship story of a group of women with similar extraordinary experiences.

Obama's eldest daughter, free self

Obama was in the early stage of the US president. His two daughters are still young. In the media reports, they are basically the image of a prostitute in the first family.

In the spring of 2016, when Maria graduated from high school, the media began to madly track the girl who wanted to fly.

American Entertainment Gossip News Website Radar Online In August 2016, the video of Obama's eldest daughter Maria suspected of smoking marijuana was released, which caused the European and American media to reprint. Some unscrupulous critics even turned out that Obama had sucked old marijuana accounts in his early years, ridiculing that his father must have his daughter.

Mary was admitted to Harvard University and became an alumnus with her parents, but she chose to postpone enrollment for one year and accumulate some life experience, which is a popular gap year in the West.

According to ABC News, Maria went to the US Embassy in Spain for an internship in the interval. The report analyzed that this may be because Obama and the then US ambassador to Spain, Kosto, have a good relationship.

There was no report on her internship. A year later, US media FreedomCrossroads.us reported that Maria was fired for smoking marijuana during her internship. This was later confirmed as false news, but there are still many netizens who are willing to forward the discussion.

After the interval, Maria went out with her family and went to the movie studio of the Hollywood filmmaker Weinstein, because she has always been interested in movies.

In the fall of 2017, Maria enrolled in Harvard. According to the BBC, Obama said that he couldn't help but cry after sending his daughter to school. It's a true daughter slave.

After Maria went to college, she did not escape the long guns and short guns of the media. In November 2017, she was photographed by the media to join hands with British alumni to shop and kiss. US media TMZ has released a video, a woman in Harvard clings to Mary wants to take pictures, Maria patted her and said: Do you want to pick me up like a picture of the animals in the cage?

Being the daughter of the President of the United States is not easy.

Former First Daughter Club

Although there are political differences and age gaps, the first daughters of the United States have formed a special connection.

According to today's US website, in January 2017, Obama is about to step down as president, and the family will leave the White House. Bush's twin daughters Barbara and Gina wrote letters to Obama's daughters as a person, and Time magazine published the contents of the letter:

We watched you grow up, from a young girl to a slim girl. Now you are about to join another rare club, the former First Child Club. This position is not your own pursuit of income, nor any guidance. However, you have a great future, you will write down the story of your life, get rid of the shadow of celebrity parents, and the experience of the past 8 years will always be with you.

In fact, as early as 2009 when the Obama family first entered the White House, Bush's twin sisters sent a letter to Obama's daughter, suggesting them: to find a loyal friend, and to remember what the father really is.

At the end of 2017, Maria's private life was frequently exposed, and Clinton's daughter Chelsea immediately criticized on the social media that the media did not respect Maria's personal privacy.

According to the Washington Post, Chelsea also twice spoke to Trump's son, Barron, on social media, calling on the public to give him private space.

The former first daughters were more or less criticized and criticized by the public. They chose to support and encourage each other.

Now, members of the former First Daughter Club of the United States have opened up their own new life.

Little Bush's daughter, Barbara, has a good love. She married the 37-year-old Los Angeles screenwriter Craig Coin last October.

Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, has become the backbone of the family, vice chairman of the non-profit organization Clinton Foundation, and teaches at Columbia University.

Obama's eldest daughter Maria continues to study at Harvard, and her younger daughter is still in high school.


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