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"Socialist" Sanders competes for the US election! The chaos was gone, and the whole United States was in a mess!

Source: Global People

The United States will usher in the first president to promote socialism?

Author: Sui and Tang

According to the US TV News Network, considering the months, the democratic socialist Bernie Sanders announced that he will participate in the 2020 US presidential election, which will be his second time in the White House.

Three years ago in the Democratic Party of the United States, he lost to Hillary with a 1% weak disadvantage, which gave his father a sigh of relief. This time, the comeback is coming. Sanders has the sigh of relief. Your uncle is no longer the uncle, because there are a number of American polls recently showing that he is second only to Biden in the Democratic Party's 2020 presidential candidate.

Hey, this is the 2020 American election. The worst of Sanders is also a powerful spoiler. If you are not careful, you can become a dark horse. It should be noted that according to recent polls, he is more popular among African-American and Latino voters, and this was the basic dish of voters who considered him to be completely cool when he first participated in the election.

The United States will usher in a president who values ​​socialism? Think about it when you think about it. . . . .

Socialists in American politics

Let us turn our attention back to the United States in the 1960s. It was in that socialist desert that Saunders grew up as a socialist flower.

Polish Jews Sanders grew up in Brooklyn, New York. In the cold war of the 1960s, he joined the American Socialist Youth League (YPSL) while still studying at the University of Chicago. This kind of behavior can now be called a purebred hippie, comparable to the Shandong girl.

As a young American who respects socialism, when he was young, he fought for civil rights, advocated comrades' equal rights, opposed the Vietnam War, and participated in the historic civil rights rally held by Martin Luther King in 1963, the Washington Parade, and even He was arrested by the police for protesting against apartheid in Chicago public schools.

As a subversive who enjoys breaking through the social pustules, the main content of Sanders' youth life is to find excitement. In the era when the civil rights movement was in full swing, he always stood on the side of opposing corruption and supporting progress.

In 1971, Sanders officially entered the political arena, joined the Free United Party against the Vietnam War, and was active with the label of democratic socialists. So far, he is the first senator in the US political arena to believe in socialism.

When he was elected to the US president as a democratic socialist in 2016, he criticized 1% of the wealthy with 99% of US wealth, criticized institutional racism, advocated raising the minimum wage, implementing equal pay for men and women, and restoring Public universities are free, universally funded by the government, expanding social security coverage, and taxing the richest rich, big companies, and Wall Street speculation.

In the list of the world's most influential people published by American Times, Sanders topped the list.

Where is the Sanders ticket for the election in the capitalist base camp?

In the eyes of the world, the United States has always been the capitalist base camp. But in this base camp, it is the young Americans who are carrying Sanders. Their appreciation and support for Sanders is not exaggerated when they are described as one side.

The Sanders who are over 70 years old are not old. When he was in the Iowa primaries, he sang folk songs with the indie rock band Vampire Weekend; playing with the young people while building the stadium. He did not have any shelf to make good use of social media. When he was at Wisconsin, a bird stopped at Saunders's podium. He used this incident to sell a cute song on social media, and then took the fire. A label #BirdieSanders.

Of course, young people like not only his blood and eclecticism, but also the political views he represents, both democratic socialism. In 2014, before Sanders announced his candidacy, the 18- to 24-year-old age group had a better sense of socialism than capitalism.

In the 25 years of Capitol Hill, Sanders never bowed to his ideal for democratic socialism. Anti-war, affirmative, and respect for socialism... The honesty, groundedness, and trustworthy image he has created have earned him great praise and recognition in the hearts of young people.

The negative impact of globalization is on the rise, the two parties are consuming their social resources, and the professional ceiling is becoming more and more obvious. Many young people in the United States are tired of the politics between the two parties in the United States. When the American squadron was ridiculed by the young people as a dwarf general, the appearance of Sanders gave them a third road outside the two parties.

The socialism of Sanders, is the scorpion a horse?

Saunders has declared in many times that he is a socialist, and will also condemn social injustice and attack the predatory property of monopoly capital on the working people as a campaign slogan. However, when he elaborated his own socialism, he never mentioned Venezuela and Cuba, and even ignored China. Instead, he set his sights on Denmark and Sweden in Northern Europe. Sanders actually hopes to draw inspiration from Roosevelt's New Deal and Johnson's social reforms. To put it bluntly, it is to rebuild a country with great welfare.

He understands that the United States now needs to make social changes, but he does not think that this change needs to be done through the workers' movement and communist parties. What he advocates is only to give the working class some improvement within the framework of the existing capitalist system.

If you say these words too much, you can give an analogy. Suppose Sanders is a captain. I feel that the crew is distracted and the team is not good enough to make some changes. These changes may be a deputy to the logistics of a pipe, or a new mahjong room on the ship to improve the amateur life, but it is impossible to change the captain or reward distribution plan, and it is impossible to give more fish to everyone.

To put it bluntly, the socialist socialism in Sanders' mouth is actually a repair of capitalism. He realized that American voters did not lack the will to launch a political revolution and took advantage of the rising anti-capitalist sentiment of American society, but his so-called political revolution was not against capitalism, but merely to continue to unite capitalist parties and unite. The state unites those Americans who have already been desperate for politics.

More than 100 years ago, the Chinese called this the Westernization Movement.

Saunders and Trump: Two Americans who are dissatisfied with the status quo

Even if Sanders speaks out about change measures, it is, in the final analysis, tinkering within the framework of capitalism. In fact, this is essentially the same as Trump's starting point, that is, dissatisfaction with the status quo and changing the status quo, but the two are completely opposite to the policy of changing the status quo.

As everyone knows, Trump has always given the pot to foreign countries: illegal immigrants occupy US resources, the EU eats food and abroad, other international allies know that they are dragging their own legs, China is robbing the United States of resources in the world, etc. The whole world is wrong, but the United States is right.

It is for this reason that Trump's policies have always been strongly aggressive and exclusive. For example, building a wall at the US-Mexico border (and wanting to pay for Mexico) to stop illegal immigration, reduce Muslim visas, restart all trade and military agreements that can be restarted, and see if you can get back some meat from your allies. . . . . .

And Sanders believes that the problems that the United States is currently experiencing are in themselves. He turned his finger at the capitalists and banks, accusing them of being insatiable and causing the subprime mortgage crisis. Everyone almost finished together. From this point of view, Sanders's political proposition is summed up to add a certain amount of tax to the capitalists, and then to increase the welfare of civilians, including public colleges to reduce tuition fees, universal health insurance and so on.

From the difference between Saunders and Trump's political views, it is also possible to see some of the current splitting situations in American society.

In June 2018, there were puzzling scenes in several US polls: about 40% of respondents thought Trump was the worst president in the past 40 years, and none of them; on the other hand Trump's public opinion support rate hit a new high since taking office. . . . . .

The worst president and the new high support rate, seemingly different, actually reflect the highly differentiated American society. Americans who are firmly supportive of Trump continue to feel that the United States has been swollen and fat outside these years, and has suffered big losses. Those who oppose Trump believe that the United States has problems with its own system and to some extent about current capitalism. Reflection.

As early as 2011, the Pew survey showed that 49% of Americans under the age of 30 are actively looking at socialism; the 2016 Boston Globe's survey before the New Hampshire primaries showed that among voters under the age of 35 More than 50% claim to be socialists. These people may not understand what socialism is, but they just feel that the country is not doing the right thing now. In fact, this is already a long-term trend in American society, so it is only the phenomenon that non-traditional fresh people continue to enter the White House. Obama is an unconventional candidate, winning, and Trump is also winning. Now Sanders is fighting the rivers and lakes. In the mood of the American people's dissatisfaction with reality, it is really hard to say how far he can go.

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