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Loma company, you are a bit too much for India...

In order to compete for the 114 new fighter jet purchase orders of the Indian Air Force, Lockheed Martin exhibited a new F-21 fighter model at the Bangalore Air Show in India.

From the aircraft model and promotional video exhibited at the air show, the F-21 fighter is an upgraded version based on the F-16. It has a new conformal fuel tank and engine design, which is extremely strong. Ammunition Mounting Capability (The F-21 in the video is equipped with more than 10 missiles and 2 auxiliary fuel tanks).

Reuters reported on February 20 that Lockheed Martin provided India with a new F-21 fighter program on Wednesday and plans to produce the aircraft locally in India to gain more value than the Indian Air Force. $15 billion in military purchase orders.

The article said that Lockheed Martin had hoped to use the internationally renowned F-16 fighter to participate in the Indian Air Force's new fighter bid, but today it announced the latest plan at the Bangalore Air Show, saying that it is Providing the Indian military with a new type of aircraft capable of meeting mission needs. Vivek Lal, vice president of strategy and business development at Lockheed Martin Aerospace Systems, said in a statement that the F-21 fighters have adopted a completely new design from the inside out. Lockheed Martin previously said that the company will work with Tata Advanced Systems of India (which also works with Boeing to produce the fuselage of the AH64 Apache helicopter) to produce the aircraft.

The article states that Lockheed Martin's products are currently being used with Boeing's F/A-18 fighters, Swedish Saab's Eagle lion fighters, France's Dassault Aviation's gust fighters, and European fighter company's typhoon fighters. Russian military industrial products compete for orders from the Indian Air Force. Just a day ago, the representative of Saab also said at the Bangalore Air Show that if the company obtained 114 aircraft purchase orders from India and was willing to produce 96 Eagles in India, Saab chose to cooperate with the Adani Group of India. .

It is worth noting that in the F-21 fighter promotion video announced by Lockheed Martin, there was a picture of the KC-130 tanker coated with the Indian Air Force to provide aerial refueling service for the F-21 fighter. At present, the Indian military is also seeking opportunities to purchase such equipment.

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