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American 7-year-old boy sells hot chocolate to raise money for Trump to build a wall, popular social media

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February 20, according to the New York Post, a 7-year-old American boy set up a stall on the roadside selling hot chocolate in order to build a wall for US President Trump at the US-Mexico border. To raise funds.

This boy is named Benton Steven from Austin, Texas. He used the weekend to set up a stall on the street in northwest Austin to sell hot chocolate to passers-by.

Steven said that on February 5th he watched the State of the Union speech delivered by President Trump. He wanted to know the wall that the president said, and we explained it to him, so he said, 'I want to raise funds for the wall,' the boy's mother, Jennifer, said in an interview with the TV station.

Jennifer  said that she and her husband are both members of the US Republican National Committee, who often exchange political views with their sons at home.

People think that he (son) has been brainwashed, Jennifer said; because we support the Republican Party, he also supports and often hears our opinions. But I don't think this is brainwashing. I call this family education because we pass on our values ​​to him.

So, under the pleading of his son, Jennifer agreed to Benton's idea of ​​selling hot chocolate on the street for wall building.

In addition to the $2 hot chocolate per cup, Benton also sells Pelosi Marshmallow. In the short time of the interview, he earned $231 in revenue.

However, some people questioned Benton's approach. Especially after the users uploaded the videos, they caused heated discussions on foreign social media.

Some netizens directly called Benton as Little Hitler. Someone pointed to Benton and said, 'We don't like people with brown skin color,' I can't understand it, Jennifer  said.

In addition to receiving support from conservatives, she also received sympathy from some liberals who believe that such young children should not be so condemned in such harsh language.

At present, Benton has raised $6,000 for building walls.

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