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The atmosphere in Hanoi is getting stronger! Trump cuts the "nuclearization" adjustment and first protects the "small goal"?

US President Trump spoke to South Korean President Wen Zai on the 19th. Trump told the media afterwards that he is not particularly eager to push North Korea to achieve the goal of denuclearization, and will continue to maintain sanctions against the DPRK. According to South Korea's news, Wen Zai said that South Korea is willing to reduce the burden for the United States.

There is an analysis that there is a huge and difficult to bridge the divergence between the US and the DPRK on the denuclearization of the peninsula. Trump temporarily lowered the adjustment of North Korea's total denuclearization requirements so that the second Golden Specialist can obtain There must be substantial results, but it is difficult to loosen the sanctions against the DPRK. It may be more willing to loosen the DPRK by releasing the cooperation between the DPRK and the ROK.

The atmosphere in Hanoi has grown stronger The United States and South Korea have a good mood at this time

Trump told the media at the White House that the realization of North Korea's denuclearization is the ultimate goal of the United States, but he is not particularly eager to achieve this goal immediately, and the US sanctions against the DPRK will continue.

According to the statement of the South Korean President's Office, Wen on the phone told Trump that if the United States demands, South Korea is willing to play a role in promoting the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and reducing the burden on the United States, such as restoring economic cooperation and implementation in the DPRK and the ROK. Economic cooperation projects with the DPRK, etc.

According to the US State Department's news on the same day, the US North Korean policy special representative Stephen Bacon had already set off for Hanoi on the same day to prepare for the upcoming second special session on the 27th and 28th.

The reporter saw in Hanoi that the atmosphere for preparing for the second Golden Gate was getting stronger. The North Korean Embassy in Vietnam and the streets near the airport have been arranged with banners, billboards, etc., printed in Hanoi, Peace City, Vietnam, safe. Friendly destinations and other content. The Vietnamese side has indicated that it is necessary to increase the police investment in the security work of the US-DPRK delegation and a large number of media reporters, with a focus on strengthening patrols at airports, railway stations and popular attractions.

According to CNN's recent report, the US and the DPRK may consider sending liaison officers and liaison offices.

It is difficult to cancel the sanctions first to loosen the economic cooperation between the DPRK and the ROK.

Cao Wei, an associate professor in the Department of International Politics at the School of International Relations, said that North Korea is unlikely to abandon its staging and simultaneous denuclearization. If the United States insists that North Korea first completely unilaterally abandon its nuclear program, then the second time the Golden Special Committee will be unable to achieve substantive results. Therefore, judging from the recent demise of the Trump administration and the trend toward pragmatic policies, it is not excluded that the two sides will reach some consensus on the issue of nuclear disarmament.

In the specific denuclearization initiative, the United States may seek the DPRK to permanently abandon the Yongbyon nuclear facility and accept international verification, allowing verification of the Fengxili Nuclear Test Site and the Dongcangli Missile Launch Site.

Cao Wei believes that the United States will not stop sanctions against the DPRK until North Korea takes a substantial nuclear abandonment. However, North Korea is in urgent need of alleviating the economic pressure brought about by the sanctions. Considering the great difficulty of direct economic cooperation with the United States, the DPRK may seek the United States' Korean economy in the Kumgang Mountain Tourism, Kaicheng Industrial Park, and the Korean-Korean Railway. The cooperation project was loosened. Among them, the possibility of restarting Mount Kumgang is relatively large. For Trump, this kind of program is more acceptable to all parties in the United States.

Cao Wei expects that the United States and the DPRK may also reach a certain consensus on issues such as liberalizing bilateral humanities exchanges, restarting humanitarian assistance, and setting up liaison offices.

Before you have a two-way small goal to solve big problems

Regardless of the two-track parallel or double pause, the focus is on a double word. In the final analysis, all parties concerned on the DPRK nuclear issue should adhere to the opposite direction, take care of all parties' legitimate concerns, and bring out political wisdom and courage. In the face of historical opportunities, do not allow the long-term joint efforts of all parties to be lost. Just as China has always advocated a phased, synchronized, and packaged principle, it will promote the political settlement of the peninsula through small targets that are two-way.

Background links

With the easing of the situation on the peninsula last year, the DPRK has taken measures such as suspending nuclear tests and intercontinental ballistic missile tests.

According to the joint declaration of the DPRK and South Korea in September, the DPRK stated that if the United States takes corresponding measures in the spirit of Singapore's meeting with the DPRK-US Joint Statement, the DPRK is willing to take further measures such as permanently abandoning the Yongbyon nuclear facility.

The six-party talks on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue prompted the DPRK to close and seal the Yongbyon nuclear facilities in July 2007. In April 2009, North Korea announced its withdrawal from the six-party talks on the DPRK nuclear issue and the resumption of functional nuclear facilities.

After last year, the DPRK and the ROK have taken measures such as setting up a joint liaison office and withdrawing military outposts. However, it is limited by the United States' insistence on exerting pressure on the DPRK's limits and restarting the progress of the DPRK-Korean substantive economic cooperation such as the Mount Kumgang Tourism and the Kaesong Industrial Park.

The Kumgang Mountain Tourism Project was officially launched in November 1998 to open a tour to Korean tourists. A Korean female tourist broke into the military restricted area near the King Kong Mountain Scenic Area in July 2008 and was shot by North Korean soldiers. The project was subsequently suspended.

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