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The new US Air Force One is expected to be delivered in 2024. The model is still Boeing-747.

Reference News Network reported on February 20th The US popular science website published a report on Rob Wilg's titled New Air Force No. 1 in 2024 on February 18th. The article is compiled as follows:

Sometimes in 2024, if everything goes according to plan, no matter who the US president is, you will get two new planes: the future version of Air Force One. The current model is the Boeing-747, and the next models are also Boeing-747, but they will be a new model that is longer, wider, longer and faster than previous aircraft.

Like the White House, Air Force One is also a symbol that should go beyond any president. It does not represent a president, Todd Harrison, director of the Aerospace Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said: It represents the authority of the president and the US government.

The following is an understanding of the next version of Air Force One, the US Air Force called the VC-25B.

The US president did not take the Boeing-747 plane from the beginning. Air Force One: The author of the history of the president and his aircraft, Kenneth Walsh, points out that President Truman wants his twin-engine special machine to have a unique design. Walsh said it was painted like an eagle, even with tail feathers.

Later, Eisenhower had a 4-engine Boeing-707 jet. Walsh said the plane has an army style.

Until the Kennedy Administration, this special plane - Eisenhower's Boeing-707 - had a blue-and-white appearance similar to today's Air Force One, and Air Force One was named after that.

Walsh said: They want an air traffic control code that won't be confused with other planes, and 'Air Force One' seems to have some sort of majesty. Of course, this code has also become a common term.

Walsh said that Kennedy turned it into a presidential plane. From 1959 to 1990, the 4-engine Boeing-707 jetliner was used as Air Force One.

Today's Air Force One can be traced back to George H. W. Bush (Old Bush). He was the first president to take the Boeing-747-200, the VC-25A, still in service today.

Harrison said: The basic reason for the upgrade is that the existing private aircraft fleet is aging. Switching to a newer aircraft clearly offers the benefits of modernization – engine efficiency and reliability, as well as the opportunity to install new protection and communication equipment.

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