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Wen Zai: South Korea and India will lead the Asian era

(Observer News) South Korean President Wen's newspaper, the highest-selling English newspaper in India, published a signed article in the Indian Times on the 20th: I firmly believe that the Asian era is coming, and South Korea and India are expected to stand on the stage center.

Comprehensive Yonhap News and the Times of India reported on the 20th that Wen on the eve of Indian Prime Minister Modi's visit to South Korea on the 21st, pointed out that this year is a meaningful year for both countries. India has ushered in leadership non-violence. The 150th anniversary of the Gandhi birthday of the cooperative movement, South Korea ushered in the 100th anniversary of the Trinity Independence Movement and the establishment of the interim government. The two countries have suffered from the suffering brought about by colonial aggression, but they have achieved independence through the strength of the people and achieved world-renowned economic development and democratic achievements.

Wen Zai said that there are many exchanges between the two countries and there are many good feelings among the people. Many Koreans admire the Indian poem St. Tagore and regard Gandhi, with its great soul, as the most respected person. Indians love to use Korean mobile phones, cars, and TV, and young people like Korean pop music. He and Modi frequently met to deepen friendship and recalled that in July last year, when he was visiting India, he and Modi took the subway to the Samsung mobile phone Noida factory.

Wen Zai said that the leaders of the two countries have been discussing specifically how to create a relationship between South and India that leads the Asian era. The key words of the vision of the relationship between the two countries are People, Prosperity, Peace, ie Create a rich and peaceful community that everyone can share. Under the vision put forward last year, the bilateral trade volume between the two countries reached 21.5 billion U.S. dollars last year, setting a historical record. The two sides decided to expand the scope of cooperation to infrastructure, high-tech, space and space, and energy, and strive to achieve 50 billion U.S. dollars in 2030. Bilateral trade volume.

Wen Zai pointed out that India has a world-class talent pool in basic science and information technology and an innovative enterprise ecosystem. South Korea has an advantage in information technology, manufacturing, and commercialization. If it can learn from each other's strengths, it is expected to lead the fourth industrial revolution era. A week later, the Jinte will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam. The peace process on the Korean peninsula is expected to accelerate. If a permanent peace mechanism can be established, it will make a great contribution to peace and prosperity throughout Asia.

According to the Korea International Radio Station, on the 14th, South Korea's Qingwatai spokesman Jin Yiqian said at a press conference that at the invitation of South Korean President Wen Zai, Indian Prime Minister Modi will hold a two-day state affairs to South Korea from the 21st. access.

On the 22nd, Wen Zai will hold a summit meeting with Modi. South Korea and India are special strategic partnerships, and the two sides will discuss in depth the promotion of substantive cooperation areas to infrastructure, science and technology, space and defense industries.

In addition, India will fully support the Korean Peninsula's peace process on the Korean Peninsula, and the two sides will also discuss cooperation programs on peace and prosperity in the international community.

This is the first time that the Prime Minister of India visited South Korea after four years.

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