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Trump: Crazy Bernie has just joined the campaign, I wish him good luck!

February 19, Vermont State Senator Bernie Sanders officially announced his participation in the 2020 US presidential election as a Democrat. Three years ago, he lost to Hillary Clinton in a primaries in the Democratic Party with a 1% weak vote.

The Observer Network found in an email sent to supporters by Sanders yesterday that the 77-year-old democratic socialist claimed that one of the purposes of his campaign was to defeat the most dangerous president in modern American history. Trump.

The next day, Trump offered Twitter the nickname for Sanders on his last election, saying that the crazy Bernie had just joined the campaign, and I wish him good luck!

According to the Washington Post report on February 20, Sanders announced on the day of the election, Trump commented at the White House, personally, I think he (Sanders) missed the opportunity. It can be interesting to see how his performance is.

Trump told reporters that Sanders did a good job in the last general election, but he was used and was not respected by Hillary.

In an email to supporters, Sanders, in addition to calling Trump the most dangerous president in modern American history, also slammed the latter as a sick liar, liar, racist, sexist , xenophobia, and a person who is destroying American democracy and leading us to the path of authoritarianism.

According to the Associated Press reported on February 20, as of 8:00 pm local time on the 19th, Sanders raised more than 4 million US dollars in campaign funds within 12 hours, and 150,000 people have contributed to his campaign. .

Observer Network notes that the crazy Bernie is just one of Trump's nicknames for a number of competitors.

During the 2016 election, he called Hillary Crawford's Crooked Hillary, a Republican party candidate, Ted Cruz, a liar, Lyin' Ted, a former Florida state. The governor and former president George W. Bush's brother Jeb Bush was named Tru Energy by Trump.

In addition, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, who advocates own Native American descent, was ridiculed by Trump as Pocahontas. (Note: Bao Jia Kang Ti is the Indian princess in the fantasy movie of Disney Animation.)

Interestingly, among the 12 Democrats who have announced their participation in the 2020 general election, Treasure Conti in Trump's mouth is also on the list.

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