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Putin talks about the "Guidelines on the Treaty": American elites may be misled. They think they are different.

At 12 o'clock on February 20, local time (at 17 o'clock in Beijing time), Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a 2019 State of the Union address to the Federal Conference at the Moscow Commercial Exhibition Center. A total of 761 journalists were interviewed and reported from the site. Annual State of the Union address. In response to the issue of the China-Treaty Treaty, Putin once again accused the United States.

According to Russia's (RT) report on February 20th, Putin spoke in his State of the Union address about the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the China-Treaty Treaty. Putin stressed that unlike Russia, Russia does not develop technology prohibited by the treaty. Washington is deceptive in the way it withdraws from the treaty. More honestly, simply say they want to withdraw from the middle treaty.

The report said that Putin said that the United States has been violating the pilot treaty in a subtle way, for example, deploying launchers compatible with Tomahawk cruise missiles in Eastern Europe and using medium-range missiles in anti-missile tests. Russia will not take the lead in deploying medium- and short-range missiles in Europe. If the United States deploys missiles in Europe, Russia will be forced to adopt equal and asymmetric measures.

In addition, Putin also said that unlike some countries claim, Russia does not pose a threat to other countries. Russia's military operations are a defensive response to the actions of the United States and its allies. American elites may be misled because they think they are different. But will they count? They should use the data to evaluate Russia's new weapons and make decisions based on calculations.

The report said that Putin stressed that all Russian military actions are to ensure security and eliminate the possibility of using force against Russia. What Russia wants is peace.

It is reported that on February 1, local time, US Secretary of State Pompeo announced that since February 2, the United States has suspended the implementation of the relevant obligations of the China-Guide Treaty and officially launched a 180-day withdrawal process. In response, Russia also indicated that it will withdraw from the China-Guide Treaty. The withdrawal of the US and Russia from the agreement lifted the shackles of the two nuclear-weapon states to develop new missiles. Russia has clearly stated that it plans to develop new land-based missiles within two years. Some analysts said that the move increased the possibility of a new round of arms race between the two countries and the return of nuclear warhead missiles to Europe.

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